A giveaway ( of sorts ). [ENDED]

So i was thinking of a meaningful way to find home for remaining games from April’s Humble choice. I understand that all ‘good’ stuff is gone by now BUT if you have any of those remaining picks in your steam wishlist ( obviously added there before today ) you are welcome to receive it :slight_smile:

I only need link to your wishlist so i can check if its there.

I have 4 picks left and 7 games so i guess ‘first come first serve’ in away ?

P.S if you for some reason prefer to stay anonymous you can link me your wishlist in P.M and your identity will remain hidden.

EDIT 1 : 3 picks and 6 games are left. Molek-Syntez found home.
EDIT 2 : 2 picks and 5 games are left. Turok 2 found home.
EDIT 3 : 1 pick and 4 games are left. Opus Magnum found home.


The only game left in this bundle I’d still want is Molek-Syntez, I do love Zachtronic’s puzzle games but this one I wasn’t even aware existed before I saw it in that bundle. So it is not in my wishlist. I wondered if it was going to be in anyone’s though and found one person in my steam friends list who did. I’ll let them enter for the game on their own though, if they wish to do so.

Thanks for doing this though, cheers.


I got the April Choice already, but I’m happy to take Turok 2 if nobody claims it. (Turok is in my WL but that was just a reminder for me to get the whole franchise, not sure if that counts):yum:

Anyway, a big shout out to @DontBeSilly for the giveaway.:clap::raised_hands:


No applying. But thanks for the giveaway!


Check your P.M

For anyone wondering why i’m breaking my own rules : Idea of this ‘giveaway’ is to give these games to people who will actually play and enjoy them , rather than add to their backlog or farm the cards. I know Fraggles well enough to know that if he’s asking for a game he is sure interested in it.

@pegasusz I’m marking you as a potential receiver for Turok 2, if nobody with actual wishlist entry will come up i will pass it your way :slight_smile:


Nice giveaway, not in cause i dont have any of those on my wishlist, also, if capitalism 2 dont find a home im glad to adopt it


Like Fraggles with Molek-Syntez, I only found out about Trüberbrook from this bundle and I don’t have it wishlisted. May I have a low-priority claim on it, in case no one with it wishlisted comes along? Looks like someone else wants it, I shall hopefully come across it another day.

I got Molek-Syntez and Opus Magnum from this bundle from someone else. I’ve only got a couple of hours on Opus Magnum so far because I don’t have a lot of time to play, but I’m enjoying it. Highly-polished puzzle games, unf. Been struggling with some of the spatial thinking required though. You’d think as someone that draws comics all day, I’d be better at that |D
Anyway, point is: getitgetitgetit.


I looked at capitalism 2 and it seems interesting for some one to get
Though atm I got enough games to play now so lol
Hope all the games get a good homee


Yup! So many games in the world that it was new to me. Picked it up somewhere else, but it does look so very good!

PS: You draw comics all day? Meow?

PPS: @DontBeSilly You such a kind sloth pets madly, messes up fur :heart:


Turok 2 has been claimed by a person who contacted me through p.m and he/she had this game wishlisted since 2017.

Sorry @pegasusz :frowning:

@eishiya i will mark you as potential receiver for Truberbrook.


Mainly Truberbrook or Turok 2. Thanks. :grinning:


Thanks for the giveaway, @DontBeSilly. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: I got last months…so I am good.


No worries, I believe @eishiya will enjoy it.:wink:

I’m glad to take whatever is left in the bundle in the end, only if nobody else claimed it.:yum:

Again, hope every game find a nice and comfy home.:kissing_heart:


I enjoyed Molek-Syntez quite a bit. It was quite a bit like Opus Magnum, though of course not exactly the same. To be honest, though, neither of those games were able to reach the joy I got out of SpaceChem.


Is Raiden V taken yet? I never added it to my wishlist, but Raiden IV is there, so you know I have prior interest in the series. Maybe that counts for something? devonrv's wishlist


You have added truberbrook and turok 2 to your wishlist yesterday so that is a bit of cheating and doesnt count :slight_smile:

Also , Opus Magnum has found home with person who contacted me via P.M. He/she had game wishlisted since 2018.

@Imaynotbehere4long I will mark you as a potential receiver if a person with wishlist entry wont come up.


That makes sense. Thanks.


Not entering, but thanks for the givaway!


Bump. 1 Pick and 4 games are still left .

So. If no one with a wishlist entry will turn up in next 24hours i will gather people without wishlist entries ( those who wouldnt mind getting one of the games still available ) and do a little luck based giveaway between them.


Are you still interested ?


I am! Thanks for doing this, even though it’s not the way you initially planned.