A few ways to keep from missing out on the daily deals! ℹ

I’ve noticed a few community members looking for ways to stay on top of the daily deals, and some disappointed :disappointed::panda_face: pandas who missed out.

I’ve come up with a few solutions to help out those disappointed pandas and hope they can become a relaxed :relaxed::panda_face: panda!

I use Feed Notifier (on my desktop) so I don’t miss out on checking the daily deal.

These are my settings
Feed URL -
Feed Title - Chrono.gg
Feed Link - https://www.chrono.gg
Polling Interval - 1 (hours)

You can also set it to stay on top until dismissed (although annoying) under the Pop-ups tab, but even if you uncheck it the pop-up will still hover over the desktop which is nice.

While you’re on the go you can use the IFTTT web-service to receive a text message when there’s a new deal. You can also use the app on your Android or iOS device to get a notification, as well as use Pushbullet to forward those alerts just about anywhere.

Here are some IFTTT recipes I made.

IFTTT Recipe: On Chrono.gg Daily Deal RSS update, then send (me) a text chrono.gg connects feed to android-sms

IFTTT Recipe: On Chrono.gg Daily Deal RSS update, then send a notification to IFTTT app  chrono.gg connects feed to if-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: On Chrono.gg Daily Deal RSS update, then send Pushbullet a note chrono.gg connects feed to pushbullet
Redundant - see last method at the bottom.

IFTTT Recipe: On Chrono.gg Daily Deal RSS update, then send Pushbullet the link chrono.gg connects feed to pushbullet
Redundant - see last method at the bottom.

I just found this last method which covers everything above because you can get updates on your phone, desktop, or even in your browser! Here is an unofficial (as far as I know) Pushbullet channel for Chrono.gg. I discovered it minutes ago as I went to create a Pushbullet channel for the RSS feed, naming it chronogg which was taken.

I hope these different methods help can help some of you out! :wink:


From our friend @RumbleFrog, here’s another way to keep track of the daily deal:

Hello! Because of my terrible memory, I recently made a simple Steam bot with the sole purpose of notifying you of ChronoGG deals on a daily! I thought I would share it with everyone here.

Just simply add the bot, and you’re good to go!

Every day, around 1 PM (EST), the bot will send you a message with today’s deal, pricing and a brief description from Steam store. And in case you missed the message, you can use !replay to replay that day’s deal to you.

Bot Profile: Steam Community :: ChronoGG Notifier

Chat Screenshot:


Fantastic article. This will be very useful, thank you very much!


Awesome! I bet this will be very useful to a lot of people. I personally made this my daily routine. Every day 6pm German time I pick up my phone and see what the newest deal is! :smiley:


It’s great to know this is useful. :blush:

Here’s another! This shows you how you can setup a widget on your phone’s screen to show the daily deal. A PDF is attached below so you can take a better look and copy the URLs described in it as text!

chronnowidget.pdf (622.5 KB)


That’s cool


It sounds cool


Nice tips, thanks !


Thanks a bunch for the IFTTT recipe. Haven’t missed on my coins once since I’ve started to use it <3
I’mma check out the widget thing later.

Btw, tried to make my own recipe and the app doesn’t have enough info on the possible commands. I guess I’d need a guide to use it for something else than this -.-


Create recipes from the IFTTT website, Chronon. It’s practically impossible to do it from the app compared to the site. A good start is copying an existing recipe then modifying it.

Not exactly sure why those IFTTT images embedded properly… Also, the Android widget PDF instructions are a bit weaker than I thought when I went to recreate the same thing on another device. Just a heads up that anyone who wants to make one like that will have to play around with it a little bit on their own.


Is there no way to show the coin you have to click inside the notification from the feed? Or even better, just click it for you? I’m just a little bit salty because I nearly, finally had a one month streak until I had to go to hospital last week :frowning:


Unfortunately, there’s no real easy way to add something like that into an RSS feed. RSS is just a few metadata text fields and each new post gets added on to the existing list. You can think of them sort of like a read-only web page. While it may be possible to stick the Coins button in, it would probably break the reader being used to display it.

I know it’s a bummer, but it won’t be so bad when you do hit your 30 day streak. You get a lot of Coins. I felt like I was behind because I missed out on the first week of Coins. In reality, by now everyone has a different amount of Coins so the playing field is level with those who started collecting on day one since there has been a few games in the Shop. :slight_smile:


Plus, the whole idea is to get you to check out the site every day. :wink:


Thank you!

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How about tampermonkey???Can i use it in the tampermonkey too???

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What are you trying to use in Tampermonkey? Userscripts only modify the webpage’s layout.

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You can do a lot more with tampermonkey than that…

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Yes, but my point was that it’s all client-side interaction (even though it can be used to “click” things). I don’t understand what hoas58 is trying to do/accomplish using Tampermonkey.

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That’s true of course, just wanted to make sure. I think there are many people out there who have no idea what tampermonkey actually is and only install it for e.g. dark themes etc.
I also have no idea what he tries to do and that would probably be interesting to know, if he wants to know if he is allowed to use it.

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