7 Games or 7 Wonders Giveaway-ENDED!!!!

@kylehayman361 wants to have a giveaway but not really. So I am taking the leap for him. So With no ado…Or @kylehayman361, I present the 7 Games or 7 Wonders…ERRRRRR…It’s a GIVEAWAY!!! Do you really care what it is called???:heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:

From a friend who wants to remain anonymous:

7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven

7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour
The games from @kylehayman361:

Stinking rules:

  1. Like the post!
  2. Tell me what you wonder about or even wander around…
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  5. List games in order as how much you want them.
  6. Can only ask for 6 games

Right now I am looking at closing this baby on Friday 18th 2019 around the same time as the games changes at the store. :thinking: I will roll the die with the bot and send out PMs. You will have 24 hours to get back to me or I will reroll.

But I reserve the right to change the date and time because my hubby is having surgery Jan.31st and I could have a doctor’s appt change in a heartbeat.:sparkling_heart:

BTW I am still working on the other keys too…So You might get a PM from me NOT about this giveaway…You never know…


I honestly wonder what it would be like if I were cat sized and my cats were people sized, and like they had to take care of humans the way we take care of them! Would my food dish be filled with vitamin fortified cereal or some generic sugary cheap cereal? When I’m asleep in their bed will they randomly move me to some other part of the house? Would i let them clip my nails or would i run off. Yes I thought of this a lot.

  1. Zombie Driver - I gave this away to my nephew who really wanted it and as much as I love him… i really wanted it for myself lol.

EDIT: Good luck with the surgery! No idea how i missed that small text the first time! Maybe everything go well :slight_smile:

Thanks for another fun giveaway! I cant wait to read other people’s answers!


I love a good giveaway where I do none of the work :smiley:

enjoy yourselves everyone, enjoy getting free stuff and conversing amongst the group! :smiley:

I wonder about what it would be like for chairs if our knees faced the other way, and I wander around the beach a lot :smiley:

and I’m not entering for any games if that wasn’t clear… as I’m the one trying to bloody get rid of them xD also SOMA? 22 ENGLISH POUNDS ON STEAM?! I’ve had it free what? 3 times?


May the surgery go well.


Holy hotcakes, you guys rock for hosting this giveaway for us! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Since playing Stellaris (darn good fun mind you) I have been wondering a lot about space travel and what it would have been like to have been born late enough to travel the stars. I’d imagine the sense of wonder I have even for the fictional realm of Stellaris and its aliens is just a fraction of what real life explorers felt when they started expeditions into new lands and uncovered new cultures, peoples, places and truths (though minus all of the negative first contact of course lol). I bet they felt something unreal.

If only I could have been born late enough to explore the stars… :sweat_smile:


Oh, yea, right lol I’m really interested in the Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide because I’ve got Holdfast regiment friends with Warhammer games and my bro plays it, but Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition looks cool too, because you know, space, soooo. xD

  1. Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
  2. Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition

(And I just wanted to say hoping the surgery goes well! :slight_smile: )


Sorry guys, first two games aren’t showing up for me again. The ones from the anonymous friend.


I think I fixed it…any others not showing???


Thank you you both for the generous giveaway! The games I would choose are:

  1. Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
  2. Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition
  3. Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition
  4. Action Henk
  5. 7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven
  6. 7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour

Given the increasing cost of AAA game development and assuming it continues into the future I wonder what the first game to have a 1 Billion dollar budget will be like and how it will look, play and feel. Will it be THAT different than todays games? I’m not sure if this is the type of answer you were looking for but I hope it applies. Thanks again!


Not entering!

Just wanted to wish you luck for the surgery :sunflower: Please keep us updated!

I mostly find myself wondering about the apocalypse - and basing small, random events, like a few people coughing in the office as a new plague about to sweep the nation!

That, and time control.
This thought often occurs as soon as waking up.


Mostly for how I could use time control to get more sleep before work…


I can see all 7 perfectly fine, good list of games. I’m still playing the game I won last time so for here I’m just going to let someone else win.

Chosen Games:

Good luck to your hubby as well. and… What would happen if we grew smaller? and shrunk smaller yet still? how small could we possibly be? This I wonder… OH NO! THIS TEXT HAS BEEN SHRINKING WHILE I WAS TYPING! THE HORROR! THE IMPURE HORROR!


I’m wondering about tomorrow because I will officially get married! :heart_eyes: :man_in_tuxedo:t2: :bride_with_veil:t5:

  1. Interplanetary: Enchanced Edition
  2. Warhammer: The End Times Vermintide
  3. Zombie Driver

Thanks for the givaway! You people are awesome. I have to make my own givaway some days!

Best of luck to everyone, may the dice be forever in your favor.


Thanks Delenn! The others are fine for me.

I’d like to enter for
Both 7 Wonders titles.

I often wonder about future plans, as anytime my wife and I make plans for more than 6 months out (and sometimes less), they always change.


Thanks for the give-a-way!

These days. I am wondering about anime isekai and the multiverse theory. Where there are infinite dimensions and every possible existence is in existence. So theoretically every magic world we can conceive of with their own universal laws and magic limitations are possible. Even whole MMO worlds. I’ve been thinking about this sillyness for about 2 days now.

  1. SOMA
  2. Warhammer Vermintide: End Times
  3. Action Henk

PS: I hope the surgery is a complete success.


I am wondering how my exames will turn out and how the world will look like if I get more time for relaxing again :slight_smile:

1 Zombie driver


I hope your medical woes passes without incident and everything turns out fine, thank you once again for these generous giveaways.
I’d like to enter only for Interplanetary this time around, please.

I wander around forests given the chance, but I’ll take fields and farmland in a pinch.


Thanks for doing this giveaway, as usual im entering for:

  1. Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition
  2. SOMA

I wonder what would chickens look like in the future, would they have 3 legs because chicken legs are delicious and humans would surely modify animals for their own beneficiary in the future.

Goodluck with the surgery, Hope it goes well :))


Congrats to @eliaviaene. Next week will be our 20th…

@zoex you left out your wonderings or wanderings…

Everyone else, I am enjoying a little peek into your life… And thanks for best wishes for the surgery. He has a muscle caught in his rotator cup and it’s tearing it. The surgery will be the easy part…it’s the therapy and healing will be the hard part. I may have to tie him to the bed…

@kylehayman361, yes, this one was easier. Kidnapping and torturing people is hard work!


Most of my wonder these days involves crochet patterns - I’m supposed to be designing this year and so far have only gotten to sketching (badly), trial and error with weight of threads and yarn and generally not being gun-ho because I don’t believe in myself that much. A few other people I’ve helped by testing their designs do believe in me and that helps … a little.

Need to wander down to a beach and try to find some sea glass. I hate going out. Anywhere, lol. When I can find company, will give it a shot. An overseas friend wants a bit of our Caribbean sand and other little treasures.

Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to your hubby with surgery.


  1. 7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven
  2. 7 Wonders 4

this needs to be redacted.

where’s Pete when you need him >.>


I’ll sit this one out, but it always warms the heart to see a giveaway.