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2017 Anime Summer Season - What are you watching?


only three ?? o.0
dang, do i feel like a weekly weeb all of a sudden :no_mouth:

Attack on Titan
One Punch Man
Rising of Shield Hero
Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
Kenja no Mago
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Fairy Gone (probably dropping this tho :grimacing:)
and i feel like i’m forgetting one… :thinking:
-not counting stuff i probably should watch but haven’t started up yet, like Isekai Quartet and Gunjou no Magmel(tho i struggled with the premise during ep1)

and is it just me or is the lesser focus on Saitama in season 2 a bit of a bummer ? :confused: (OPM is still awesome tho)


that’s not bad I promise xD its me not being enough of a weeb! >.<

gimme recommendations with a tag ! I like stuff that’s good. :wink:

is rise of the shield hero any good? I keep being recommended it by crunchy-chan.

just a good story is essential, doesn’t matter if it drips every now and then but a good story is crucial, My hero is so far winning with that, very good story telling.

in my lifetime I only remember a couple of times I cried to an anime, good storytelling will do that to me, you have to make them feel for the character, and that anime was BOKURANO, that is my recommendation to @everyone it’s only 12 episodes so you can do it in 2 days :smiley:


you want something to cry over? I’ll give you something to cry over!
I’m not going to synopsise anything here, just a list. Go watch each and ever one of them.

Ano hana (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.)
The title will make you cry to start with, who the hell named this series? A title that officially has a . in it because it’s a proper sentence.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Beautiful music, childhood trauma and other fun stuff.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Slow build on this one, but it’ll get you, oh it will get you.

From the New world
Great fantasy series, wont pull any punches. Also a bit slow to start.

March comes in like a lion
Including this one because you want good stories, the story telling in this one is superb and it got me to tears once or twice over it’s two seasons too.

Old and quite long, kind of a drama/slice of life series. Great story with characters you will feel for and it’ll try to hit you in the kidneys now and then as well.


Yeah i consider Bokurano on par with Clannad. There’s another one that’s not quite on that level called Myself; Yourself (but i found some of the characters obnoxious).


that sounds like my pace, though bokurano is a bit POW I normally prefer a build up.

thanks for all the recommendations

fraggie they’re all going on an anime list haha xD

that’s one I haven’t seen so I might just do so :smiley: nice to see it’s not just me who’s seen bokurano :smiley:


@Gnuffi 2 years later, wowee

I’m not the slice of life kind of person, usually I watch when recommended. They might not fit in what you describe, but it’s worth a shot: Lucky Star, Re:Life, Violet Evergarden, Gakkougurashi, Dagashi Kashi, High Score Girl, K-On, Mahoutsukai no Yome, Mushishi, Natsume Yuujinchou.

I guess they’re suggesting because is popular right now, I can’t tell you if it’s good or not because I’m burned out on isekais, so I didn’t even start this one. But from what I’ve seen from memes, it’s the generic type that people overhype, I might be wrong tho.


I saw the same thing happen with my hero, I gave it a few months for the super weebs to settle and for it to come to my mind of its own will, but from what I’ve heard about shield hero is that its extreme “waifu bait” and that’s not something to attract me haha.


personally i love Rising of the Shield hero
it still has “the usual stuff”, but the added obstacles they dumped on the protagonist was a nice diff from recent stuff i watched
but i’m also a sucker for a lot of the isekai and fantasy stuff. Bunch of people will say overlord aint that good, and i love it, despite being a ridiculous power fantasy.
Kenjo no Mago would probably be considered bland and paint it by the numbers, but i’m still super into because unlike Overlord or how to summon a demon lord it’s a power fantasy with more down to earth mc, (even if the applied “realism” is a bit silly sometimes). -so that’s the kind of gnome/taste your dealing with :wink:
But Rising of Shield Hero is probably my current favourite watch of the week enjoying it even more than i did That Time i Got reincarnated as a Slime, so i’m glad Hero’s season aint over yet.
give it an episode or 2 maybe to check out if you’re into that isekai stuff

i was considering applying for a “necro badge” :blush:


dude overlord totally appealed to me, there is nothing wrong with a power trip, isn’t that essentially many other animes? its just because the protag actually rules them all that they notice haha.

overlord was on my watch list of modern ones, I will definitely watch it now.

another that keeps being recommended and looks good is that golden kamuy or something like that, the one with the russian soldier and the extreme CG bear, it seems brutal but I wont know yet, and also parasite eve seemed gorey and fun :smiley:

I think I might one day! no harm in giving it a try.


have not watched either yet, i have (several) times been recommended to watch something called parasyte maxim, or something,., i think, but not made it into it yet. (will add the other 2 to check out)

recommending stuff is difficult for me, because i’m not that well versed in anime, and moreover i tend to “forget” (especially titles) stuff i watched, but also i think i get into an anime/enjoy it for reasons a bunch of other people might not.
You mentioned good story, can’t really recall “much”/something where it was the story itself that stood out for me, but more that i get engrossed in “the overall” medley of world, characters, story, fantasy/themes, so even if one point might be (very) weak, i can still enjoy and relax with it.

Think Goblin Slayer might be a good recent example of that, from one perspective it could probably easily be argued what story there is isn’t really anything special, pretty much usual japanese DnD stuff going on. But “something” about it just skyrocketed it to be one of my favs along other epic fantasies stuff like Claymore, and it might just be the simplicity of it “goblins hurt people, i don’t like goblins, goblins bad, i kill goblins” somehow very satisfying to me (and it was pretty gorgeous too)

Grancrest war seemed to twirl between having some interesting lore to stupid story for me, and can’t really remember where i landed, but maybe it was the faction aspect and rank building that got me staying, i know i didn’t really care much for the main characters “plight” as they moved on to/through their various personal issues, but the “backdrop” of the world which was pretty central had me interested.

Then on the other hand, while maybe not the best story, stuff like Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Gate, The Seven Deadly sins all managed to get me interested in their story despite it maybe not being a big deal.
and even tho i really liked Chain Chronicle, it wasn’t really the story, but the overall fantasy/“magick” stuff that i enjoyed

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash i think it was, was just a tremendous isekai for me, and in contrast to the usual or even Shield Hero, their struggle is somewhat real, specially since they aren’t the usual “spawn of a God” so that probably counts as a good story “for me”.

and obviously Rage of bahamut is also reusing classic fantasy tropes, but both s1 and 2 had me engaged in more than just the wonderful characters, even if knowing how stuff probably panned out ahead, -something Lodoss War never managed for me

having just watched When they Cry it’s probably one of the most recent one where the story was part of what kept me sticking around, but also struggled with to the point of “having” to ask for confirmation that twists didn’t just drag on (and i felt it was well worth/satisfied having watched in the end after all), and episode to episode it could be the crazy girls’ moments that sustained my interest through a couple of stale misses.

and then ofc there is Tokyo Ghoul… where i was happy with season 1… and somehow, can’t even say why, i managed to suffer through all the rest, despite getting to be hating both the story, world, and characters more and more and made it through to the end and the final episode with just the sensation of lots of time wasted regret o.0

but stuff that’s going on “right now” i think Shield Hero and Kimetsu no Yaiba are probably worth to check out, might take 2 episodes to figure out tho, i think Kimetsu no Yaiba might messed up the initial pacing a bit


I think we might enjoy anime in some similar ways, I certainly also find myself able to enjoy a series for certain aspects even if I know that it is maybe sorely lacking in others. There are very few series I’ve picked up and deemed unwatchable. Though I am sad to say I might reach that point with what I am trying to watch right now.

Currently watching Toaru Majutsu no Index III and I just don’t know what’s going on. I’ve greatly enjoyed every other season of this and Railgun that came before, but this series just feels off some how.

Every episode so far feels like a recap episode, they’re just rushing through “high notes” of half a season each episode. Just action scenes stacked on top of each other with barely a thread connecting them. I thought the first 3 episodes were bad, the next 3 were even worse, with 2 “story arcs” done I’m hoping arc 3 slows down and develops some actual story, but I’m not holding my breath.

Then there’s something just odd with the sound mix. The speech just comes off as if it’s pasted onto the animation… which sounds silly I know, because it IS. But damn near every other animated movie has manage to make it seem like the characters are speaking to each other and ambient sounds seem to come from the scene. In this series everyone sounds as if they’re narrating a silent film.

Maybe one might think it’s a low budget rushjob by some unskilled studio who were just handed the IP and forced to jam 8 novels into a series or something. But the art is on point and the animation is great, from a visual standpoint there’s nothing spared in the production values.

So this has been a very weird experience. I know @Truly has seen it and I’ve been wondering what his thoughts on it were.


yea i think that’s what really opened my eyes to Slice of Life recently, that a show can hang on and be sustained almost sorta purely on good or even just (a) cute characters, i mostly thought i’d always need “more” than just a “kawaii” little-sister to maintain interest, but the first few episodes of Sewayaki Kitsune really showed me different of what i could use to relax, which kinda surprised me.
(oh and the bear is hilarious btw :rofl: 1 episode in :+1:)


an edit from earlier…

parasite eve is a ps1 game >.> my mistake.

its parasite something and its gorey as hell, I haven’t thought about it in 2 years so my memory got mixed up sorry.

also honestly when I say “story” that would normally refer to someone’s storytelling about a character, and that makes me want to know what happens to that person.

I’m practically “new” to anime, there’s a big gap where I watched nothing, I watched some classics when I was young, specifically ghost in the shell and cowboy beebop, with a small smattering of Dragonball fanboi for life, but that really kept me centred on DB and nothing else really, and now Im branching back out cause there’s so much good stuff, so Im taking most of these recommendations down xD


I think it goes like that for most folks, anime wasn’t something so easily accessible as it is today and not depend on parents’ will to get the stuff we wanted. Even the judgment barriers, I have friends that like anime but are afraid to admit because of today’s society.


I used to have to watch it on an anime channel that was on the actual TV, on Sky TV actually, they used to have an anime show at like 1 AM we used to stay up to watch it, so yeah I had it worse not having any internet until 2006 haha xD


Yeah it was definitely the weakest season BUT I did appreciate that it had the least amount of Index. I swear Index is the worst part of Index.
I much prefer the Railgun series tbh and I look forward to the Accelerator series. Accelerator and Last Order are my favorite part of the series.