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2017 Anime Summer Season - What are you watching?


What genres and themes do you enjoy in other sorts of media? Anime is not a genre in and of itself. People too often tend to talk about anime as if it’s a monolithic entity, but it’s just a medium used for a variety of stories of all sorts.

There’s no real reason to force yourself to watch anime if you’re happy with your media consumption as it is. But if you still feel like there might be something out there that’d be worth your time. Let us know what you like otherwise and we’ll see if we can’t tailor a few recommendations for you.


i didn’t really like DBZ and subsequently never watched it to completion (something one of my friends damned me for for years :smile_cat:) even to this day
but what really caught me was Berserk (1997 series episodes, not the movies), i don’t think i would even have considered trying anime once in a while had it not been for Berserk
like @Fraggles said, anime is not a genre itself, and there is so so insanely much of it out there, if you like cartoons even a little, there is bound to be some for you too somewhere
so maybe some of those big list anime experts can suggest some if you narrow it down
(PS, 90’s spiderman was/is awesome!! only thing i miss more is the Pirates of Dark Water and Swat Katz + Batman the animated series :heart_eyes_cat:)


Definitely, but I always try to expand my horizon, which sounds crazy pretentious. And yes, I did perceive anime as you’ve described, so I’m guilty of that, but I also feel like anime has its own flavor in a way and maybe that’s what I don’t enjoy, but that’s just my uninformed opinion since I didn’t really explore the medium.

I like a lot of things, so that’s hard to narrow down, but what I always enjoy is dark and gritty stuff like Walking Dead, Netflix’ Daredevil, Dark Knight Trilogy and so on, but what I especially enjoy about these shows and movies is that there’s a sense of realism, if that makes sense, because zombies and superheroes?! What I mean is that it’s not too too crazy and the characters are believable in that the psychological aspect makes sense.

For example I watched American Gods recently and it fits my taste but halfway through the season it got so crazy that I didn’t enjoy it anymore. I’m fine with gods and whatever, but it just got riduclous and I can’t really describe it without spoling anything. Then again I like scifi shit and have nothing against fantasy, but it has to be established from the beginning. It’s like you’d watch Dark Knight Rises and suddenly Batman shoots lasers from his ass in the middle of the movie. It felt out of place in American Gods… Man, I’m not making this easy. :smiley:

Uhm… And comedies obviously. Louis CKs standup, movies with Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen and such. Mh, yeah… Stuff like that. And cartoons I like are regular show, adventure time, bravest warriors, amazing world of gumball, rick 'n morty etc.


Point me to the serialkiller squirrel episode then, good sir! That was the reason I wanted to watch it in the first place. :smiley:


Maybe Baccano could be a series you’d enjoy.
It’s a comedic show written in this sort of style where you get parts of the overarching story out of order and from the viewpoint of a number of different parties, kind of like the first season of Heroes. But over the course of the series you start figuring out how certain events connect to each other and start piecing it all together. It’s a really well written show with a lot of great characters.

I don’t want to say anything really about the story in order to not spoil anything, I tend to adhere to the philosophy that media should be engaged with with as few prebuilt expectations as possible, so as to enjoy it fully on it’s own merits.

It’s (mostly) set in prohibition era America and deals with gangsters, robberies and … stuff.
Slightly spoilery, since you made a point about it but I don’t recommend reading this:


There are a few fantasy like elements that will be coming to light as the story progresses.

You should watch it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it if you chose to do so.


The squirrel scene is somewhere in part 2(Battle Tendency). If you watch the 2012 series you’ll eventually get there.
It might not be your thing but it definitely does get better once you get into the second part with Joseph.:thumbsup:


Also, fite me with long ass anime names!
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

Dang, I already lost…



i did not like episode 23… :unamused:
they better fix that shit or i’m not gonna watch anymore :pouting_cat::persevere:
(got a baaad feeling 'bout ep 24):crying_cat_face:


Maybe I know why you are upset…


I forgot about this thread, I am watching my hero academia season 2 and I am really liking it, I appreciate that they are going more into the background of the other students and the one for all power which is nice as I felt getting to know some of the other characters other than Deku and Bakugo was lacking in season 1.


I’m looking to pick up boku no hero at some point soon here. I wasn’t too sure about the series when I first saw it, but with all the memes it spawned I guess I gotta get in on it as well… eventually.

I recently finished watching Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju and it’s 2nd season which ended this spring. I found it very compelling. It follows a “family”, more like a clan I suppose, of rakugo performers from before ww2 up to modern era Japan and delves deep into an otherwise not very well explored cultural aspect of the nation (by us foreigners that is). I found it very interesting both in it’s historical aspects as well as the personal drama that develops over the 2 seasons.

It’s not a particularly action packed sort of anime, it’s about people telling stories after all and you’ll get to hear several stores quite a number of times. The animation manages to keep it visually engaging though by switching “camera angles” and creating interesting perspectives of what would otherwise just be a dude sitting on a stage talking.

I really enjoyed it overall.


@Fraggles Yeah it’s a good show. The actual rakugo is kind of boring in my opinion, but I loved everything around it.


i wonder if any of you fine animu aficionados might have a Slice of Life type recommendation up your sleeves this casul could use
having gotten into “Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san” this spring (damn that’s some relaxing fox fur fluffing :blush:), i got in a mood for some chill “Kanna concentrate” if you will
and i wonder if there is anything off the top of your heads that’s sorta like her, and fits with similar condensed cuteness, no plot, no drama, no (high) school cliques, just (adorable) relaxation, sorta like if Kanna had gotten her own tv show too maybe…


I think Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear might work for you. Or Non Non Biyori if that’s one that slipped you by in the past. Are you just now awakening to the wonders of slice of life and have not really watched any before? Because there’s a lot of great series of that sort out there.


aye, mostly i’m looking for fantasy type stuff, demon/supernatural/magick/vamp, with a bit of action. Only slices that sorta immediately spring to mind would probably be miss kobayashi and umaru i think. Often i just see a tagline or quick description snippet and immediately go “SKIP” in my head. I end up being super picky/overly dismissive most of the times, because it can come of as stuff that would be boring to me, and so i don’t really want to “waste” 20mins to find out (even had no initial intention on starting Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko it was just sorta an accidental click i let roll with)

and thanks, will add those 2 to check out


It would help to know what you’ve already watched. However, i highly HIGHLY suggest you watch Clannad.


Yeah that’s not an approach that’s going to work for slice of life, because by their very nature any synopsis or collection of tags will make them sound boring, stupid and pointless. But that’s also kind of their charm.

I take it you DID in fact watch Kobayashi then? Because if not that’s just one of the best slice of life animes to have been made in recent history. Though for you in particular I’d recommend Non non biyori first since you recently watched Higurashi and those two series have essentially an identical setting. So that ought to make for an interesting experience.

Flying witch is a somewhat recent one that was very good, not quite as cutesy as the previous mentions. It’s a very laid back series about a young witch who’s getting to know the local otherworldly inhabitants of a new town.

Usagi drop. Middle aged fellow finds himself suddenly adopting a 6 year old girl after an extended family disaster. Just a very sweet and heartwarming little series, don’t read the manga.

Amaama to Inazuma (sweetness and lightning) another very sweet and heartwarming story with a single dad and his daughter.

I’m sorry if I’m already overloading you with recommendations. I could probably go on for far too long on this topic.


oh yea i’ve definitely enjoyed Kobayashi
and it’s totally fine, since i’m so unfamiliar with them it’s good to get a bunch to check out, specially now i’m more aware of awesome nuggets can hide behind unassuming summaries/intros so to at least give it an initial chance instead of immediate dismissal

i’ll check those out and come back for seconds after seeing how those tastes :+1:

hehe i would if i could, not only don’t i really keep track, but as mentioned, only (slices) thing that really springs to mind would be miss Kobayashi and Umaru.
Other than that it’s mostly fantasy action stuff i’ve watched. don’t even think warau salesman would count as slice of life o.0
but i’ll check clannad out for sure


Personally, i use to keep track of everything. It helps for discovering sequels and prequels, what you plan to watch and have watched, and keeping track of how much time you’ve wasted spent watching shows.

You can create a personal list like mine: (i wasn’t going to share it but i guess i don’t really care afterall).


current three for me

One punch man on tuesdays.

JoJo’s bizare adventure on fridays.

both are amazing animes.

also just picked up my hero academia and that’s pretty ace, if a little bit repetitive.

other than that I’m waiting for DB super to return and that pretty much covers my anime as of late xD I only just started getting back into it recently and I watch lots of stuff on youtube so I gotta try and fit it all in haha.

there are a lot of things I don’t watch cause they look lame xD (slice of life) and other stuff, but we shan’t in case diversion of opinions starts a waifu war, and we don’t want another one of those.