17 Steam Tricks and Tips that you probably already know!

Was reading all about the recent nvidia NDA leak (Dun, dun, dunnnnn!) and saw this linked to on the same site. A nice little guide about some Steam features that some may not be aware of…Page 3’s download optimisation was new to me at least.

17 obscure Steam tips and tricks that can power up your PC gaming

Hopefully it’ll be useful to someone out there?


Cheers! Will have to try that batch installing.


Well that was an awful lot of pointless guff. No nontroversies to stir up this week?

Always run the most current drivers for your graphics card: It’s a core law of PC gaming.

LOL what? No only an absolute fool does that. Never update your graphics drivers unless it’s to find specific and necessary performance optimisations for a new game. Needlessly updating your drivers only lead to headaches. Don’t fix what aint broke.


Well, if you want something to fume about you can have that link to the nvidia stuff -


Grrr, anger!
Thanks, that’s what I needed to get my day started.


can’t agree more
just mindlessly installing day1/newly released drivers is a good way to potentially fck sht up, since, by and large, they are sometimes/“often” not “fully” tested like they may should be (sooo many system variations to account for, poor troubleshooters :smile:)
if anything nvidias march/april release 2016 around the 36X’ish series driver version released, sorta, proves that, with how it supposedly completely fcked a bunch of people over, to the point where i recall some screaming in forum posts about “bricked cards” -the only change to system being updated driver :man_shrugging:

not exclusive to gpu drivers even ofc,
sometimes it’s better to have a “wait and see” approach to freshly released drivers, to see how it fares out “in the wild”/real world.
-Always fun when you get an update that does more harm than good :confused: :roll_eyes:


…yup :rofl:
read it anyway, didn’t expect to learn muthin new, but still fun curious to see what might be up and if i might have missed “an obvious trick” :smile:
cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


They have a tendency to break a lot more than they fix, at least on the nvidia side.


In regards to the Nvidia NDA thing though, that’s kind of shitty tbh and I maintain that opinion even though it is highly unlikely to impact me in any way. Never buying the latest stuff means I don’t really care for pre-release reviews much. I’ll never buy a product that hasn’t been out for a bit so I can always see what reviews the commercial models get that wont be tied down by NDAs.

This is such a poor move by Nvidia though that I rather wish there was a reasonable competitor I could turn to.


I was tempted by Freesync and an RX 580 but the heat and power consumption compared to the nvidia alternative just makes it seem like a poor choice. Will have to wait and see what next month’s inevitable reveals tell us about the next generation of nvidia GPU’s.


Nothing but amazing things I’m sure. “Recipient shall use Confidential Information solely for the benefit of Nvidia” after all. I think that’s the line in the NDA that makes the whole thing bollocks. Everything else seems kind of standard NDA fair. The use restrictions paragraph seems to kind of make having any information at all entirely pointless though.


Tfw I knew most of these already do to digging through the settings a few times and looking up what they do.

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There are a lot of tips here, but sadly most of them can only really be used for very specific things. But what do I know, I didn’t even read them all :expressionless:



And in my case, AMD drivers are almost always broken. :rofl: