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1000 spins! Thank you Chrono GG! Giveaway!


One thousand spins later and I’m still here. Thank you Chrono GG for all amazing games and sales over last 3 years. Thank you for building this special place and incredible community.
There is so much more I wanted to say but I’ll leave it at this and start small celebrationaly giveaway. Whoever wants any game from Chrono GG shop just leave a comment and I’ll keep buying games until I spend all my coins.

So far gifted games (unfortunately I can only buy games once from shop therefor this list) :
The Dweller
Devious Dungeon
Cheap Gold
Cats on Diet
The Office Quest


¡¡Congrats on that very long journey!!

Here, have a picture of a pony


Nice milestone!

Can I ask for Snowball! btw? ^^ much appreciated


Thank you. It is indeed glorious pony.


Thanks! No problem I’m PMing you code right now.


Congrats :slight_smile:

Can i get Mekabolt?

Thx You


Thanks! Sending you code right now!




Could I get ‘The Dweller’? uwu


Great. Thx you :slight_smile:

Code Redeamed


No problem!




devious dungeon

ty :slight_smile:


Already sent!


Can I get cheap golf? :smile:




Could I get cat on a diet?


Too bad I thought Sentience: The Android’s Tale looked cool but either way a standing ovation for you!


Sending right now!


Thanks! Code is already sent.


I’d love Tormentor x Punisher if you haven’t given it to someone else yet