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1000 spins! Thank you Chrono GG! Giveaway!


Sorry I don’t have enough coins to buy it. At this point I already spent most of my coins, but if you wish for some cheaper game just tell me


Unless I am missing a meme here, that is most definitely a unicorn, I’ve never seen a pony sparkle this much but then I don’t see a lot of ponies.



I’ll abstain. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway!

Happy thousand spins for you. Happy thousand spins for you. Happy spinny spins on chrono. Happy thousand spins for you…AND MANY MOOOOOORE!


Congrats on your 1000th spin!


Congrats :fireworks::sparkler::tada::confetti_ball:


Congrats on long path to the 1000 hits. It comes with a silver Badge or somthing so?
It will must have it, if not have it.

I always come late to this events, al usual… but I want ask about ‘The Office Quest’ or ‘Odium to the Core’ if you have enought coins left to it,
but most important if you ever see this post @RedOne. haha


Not far behind you. Congrats on 1K clicks.