10 years of GOG! and a new giveaway! (Giveaway Ended :C )

Hey guys o/ (It’s been some time since I last came to tell you about a giveaway :smile:)

Well, as a 10-year celebration, GOG will make a giveaway, but, it is asking the community’s opinion on what should be the game…

And the options are :gift_heart: :

(A selection of cool games in my opinion u.u)

The most voted game will be the giveaway, and the keys will be distributed October 4., then run to vote \ o /


EDIT: The winning game was: Shadow Warrior 2, remember that the giveaway will only last 48 hours, access the link and go get it :3

PS: I have to admit I was cheering for SuperHot :joy:

Here is the link:
GOG.com :3


I predict a Shadow Warrior 2 win.


Yeah I’d suspect shadow warrior 2 to come out on top here as well. The previous game was all sorts of excellent but this whole pseudo-mmo style of the sequel has rather put me off it, but if it’s given away I’ll be happy to try it out.


They all seem like great games. Hopefully SUPERHOT gets voted.


My vote also went to superhot, it just seems great.


It’s kind of cool for all of 2h or whatever the “storymode” takes to finish. It’s a bit of a novel thing and I’m sure it’s pretty damn cool in VR, but it doesn’t have much in the way of longevity in my opinion.

There’s pretty much just score attack, replaying the same levels over and over to perfect your run. I think there might be some mutators you can use to switch things up a little but that’s pretty much it. If score attack doesn’t appeal to you then it’s honestly not worth much.


Firewatch would be great.


superhot is probbaly gonna win
because of the popularity and media antenion :slight_smile:


yeah but still you can trade it for other games :slight_smile:


Do games not lose virtually all their value for trades once they’ve been given away for free somewhere?

Sure, if this was 2016 still. I don’t see it having much steam left in it’s hypetrain recently. It got a small boost when the VR version was released but it might be worth noting that the VR version is it’s own stand alone game and does not appear to be the one given away here.


Superhot VR is a separate game. Think the difference between Doom and Doom 64.

Also, yeah. It’s amazing. It doesn’t have much content, though; while vanilla has a thousand small mutator modes and such, VR has the base game plus two or three modes and survival. You can also beat the base game in less than an hour on a first playthrough.


All the games are looking pretty noice but i think that Shadow Warrior 2 is going to come out on the top.


wait, how would you be able to trade this ?(it’s GoG not steam key), :thinking:
or did you mean “just in general” if one had it elsewhere, wasn’t into it, and because of the prior popularity “a decent game to trade”-then?

either way, i voted for superhot, because it’s the only game of them im interested in, looks like a neat “little thaing” +time killer type, -and i missed the humble it was in :blush:


Oh lol I thought it was a steam key :sweat_smile:


Am probably alone wt this, but I don’t like any of these games.

Couldn’t stand the first shadow warrior, the 2nd one I care not about either.
Superhot is the coolest concept and that’s the issue, it plays like a prototype. I refunded it after 30 mins, was bored by then lol
and I’m simply not into walking sims :sweat_smile:

Given all that, I do hope it’s either gon be Superhot or Firewatch. Both are 99% more unique than SW.


I hope Firewatch wins. It looks good, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that other game given away a lot or go on massive GOG sales a lot. It would be interesting to see something new get the attention.


Completly agree with that on sw2. its sad because I have it as a gift from a friend :S

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This is super cool of them to do. I voted for SW2, as I think SuperHot is cool for a short time, and I’ve seen some of Firewatch and it’s just not my thing. Don’t know much of SW2 though.


I voted Firewatch because i have negative interest in FPS games.


I would be really surprised if Shadow warrior 2 didnt win the vote. I really hope superhot doesnt win as it has been given away “free” and bundled unlike the other 2, I already have 3 copies and really do not need a 4th lol. But good luck if you guys need it :slight_smile: