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Zenge is Free At The Google Play Store-CLOSED!!



A 13 of my friends have this on Steam…Recommended by @nebula7, @coralinecastell, and @Pylinaer. It’s a cheap and relaxing PUZZLE game.


I don’t know the time limit. Sorry!


Thanks for the heads up, puzzle games are fun to keep the noggin working.


Thanks I added that part. My noggin is not working…:exploding_head:


It says 2 hours for me

Thank you very much @delenn13, like always, but I hope someone that plays mobile games can get it in time… I just add them and never ever try them out :smiley:


Well I am on my PC…It doesn’t say.

Maybe I should do a call out for the others… @yoshirules, @sewcraftyme, @dkny, @Danacscott, @User123698745, and @JenixaBomKltz89. I think that is all from this forum. You got less than 2 hours to get this…


Missed it o well. Good looking out.


I got it as a Christmas gift a year or so ago, so I didn’t go looking before. Also, usually can’t get free stuff through Google Play. Usually get a ‘not for your region’ message.


I don’t really play games on my mobile…but it seemed interesting… downloading pirated apk :joy:


not free anymore, just checked