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Youtube and Discord are down


writhes in boredom


My Youtube is okay. Discord I’m not on too often. Wonder what’s going on for you


Were you already on a video on youtube? cause my BF is able to watch the video he had loaded already but it’s down for him if he opens it in a new tab.


Yup I can open a new tab and new videos too.




just go


Oh I’m in the Caribbean not the US, maybe’s that’s why.

Chrono might have a live stream going on on Today’s Deal page. Twitch could be interesting too.


Quebec and Halifax are the only two places in Canada that lost youtube :’) RIP my luck


I was just there…:thinking:


For me youtube now has this function to always ask “do you want to continue this video” after like 15 mins of being inactivly listening to music and just paues the video… this bothers me a lot. anyone got a solution for this?


No idea but that sounds super annoying… I listen to a lot of ‘podcast-style’ youtube videos so that could be super problematic


you could give youtube music a try, that is what i do


It’s back up now but this is great to know about! Thank yoooou


I usually acquire the music that I listen to. Youtube pausing with a “Continue Watching” has been a thing for a while now. So I grab the music and then listen to it through VLC or iTunes.


I’d be more shocked if Youtube was down. Discord being down is a regularity.


This is the second time in the span of a year Youtube went down for me, but the first time I ever experienced Disc being down



discord servers themselves defo go down all the time.
and yeah discord itself regularily stops working for me.