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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with survival mechanics.


I allways thought this Overwatch thing was Blizzards big start into free2play shooters. I would have never guessed that people actually pay to play this stuff. I certainly would not.

As far as the deal goes: meh. Humble deals tend to be ok, like @xist said.


I was gonna unsub but OW for $9 to give away + whatever other stuff was too good to pass on.


What was it that you didn’t like about it? I’ve been debating about it for a while and it seems fun enough from the outside looking in.

Also, how is it for pushing the extra sellable stuff? I usually shy away from paid games pushing those things.


imo, OW is pretty good, and $12 for the game seems like a steal. If you like online class-based shooters like tf2 there’s a lot to like here, with my only real complaints being occasional balance issues and the sodium-rich competitive community.

As for the extra paid content, any maps or characters added to the game are free, but you can buy lootboxes that earn you cosmetic items. The game doesn’t push its microtransactions very hard, but personally I’m not big into the game having lootboxes in the first place.


I have always kind of wished to play Overwatch but it’s never really been proper cheap, also not very fond of the cosmetic drop system. For $12 and along with at least one other game I’d like I was truly considering it, but then I remember that I’ve played Overwatch on all of the few occasions they’ve had a free weekend and always gotten bored with it before the period was over.


it’s a great game; someone gifted it to me soon after release and I thought it would be my game but there is too much going on at the same time, too much beautiful colors, too much awesome activity, too many beautiful sounds; it produces sensory overload and i can never play it for long periods of time. (I usually have micro gaming sessions anyhow, i think it’s cuz im getting older, lol, but the feeling is much stronger with this game.)

I do think the drop system is fine though, just like with Hearthstone, u get lots of stuff just by playing, including good stuff


OW is definitely the best in the genre imo, I mean TF2 (not a bad game either) is the only real competitor there but still. It’s been well worth the $40 at launch for me. It’s not something that I could play everyday but it’s nice to occasionally get a few games in.


y, strangely enough i always had more fun playing TF2 every single time; that game was rly pure fun, though i never rly played much of it either; only rocket league can give me kind of the same feeling, that feeling of PURE fun


I’ve played a fair bit of tf2 over the years, got it fairly early on too. Last played it again about a year or two back and barely recognised it anymore.

My biggest issue with the loot drops in Overwatch isn’t so much about gaining or not gaining access to things, nor is it even really about being able to buy the lootboxes. It’s more about this drop fed rewards system going on everywhere these days. You tend to end up playing the game for the sake of the loot drops which stands to take away from the enjoyment of the actual game.

If you have a good game then people would be playing the game because it’s fun to play, not because of what they might gain/collect from playing it. I think the game just might be better off without it.


I just played 4 hours of soccer in Rec Room with my sister. That’s free and fun too (and somewhat similar to Rocket League in that the ball is HUGE and the physics are way off).


Yeah, drop systems can be a bit of a pain. It’s nice to be rewarded for playing the game, but I’ll sometimes find myself in the head-space of “I’ll keep playing 'til I get the drop”, even though I’m already bored. Nowadays, I try just focus on playing games just for the fun of it, since trying to go for drops ends up with me burning out on a game.

With that said, I think tf2’s drop system is better than ow’s. Since you earn tf2’s drops in random intervals, it feels more like a surprise gift, rather than an arbitrary goal you need to work towards with each play session.


Cool thanks for the input guys. I think I’ll probably go for it, I don’t have tons so there’s usually at least one other game in the bundle I’m interested in/ could trade away. Used to play TF2 a ton but stopped when they started implementing some of the more huge changes a few years back.


Looks like they’ve not sold enough of this month’s monthly, maybe everyone who wanted Overwatch already have it. So I just got an email offer to get the bundle for $4. That’s a pretty steep discount and the first time I’ve seen them discount the monthly.

I decided to go ahead and grab it, overwatch for $4 is entirely reasonable even if it is only fun every once in a while.


I have no interest in Overwatch but didn’t get this email. However I will commit atrocities if the revealed games are decent as $4 is literally a steal given the quality of recent regular Humble Bundles.


wait what :no_mouth: :exploding_head: ?

yea this house neither, i wonder what’s up :thinking:
who do you have dirt on over at IGN @Fraggles :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

while i think it’s “great” whenever someone gets a good deal, i can’t help but feel this would be a giant middle-finger to all other subs :triumph:, or anyone in general that subbed “earlier” this month,
as now this type of “behavior”(i’ve no idea what to label this $ reaction/concept :smile:) would just incentivize people to not only stop subbing, or cancel subs if on monthly plan to make sure don’t autocharged the week before they lower it/“hold out and see” lol.
Not saying im imagining it happening often/every month, but it would just have to happen 2-3 times a year to not even make the longer subs “discount” worth it and less “risk” if only buying the months it gets 4 $/“bundles really want to” :joy:


I got other offer: three months for $23


Yeah this was very much my first thought too “heh, way to screw over your loyal customers humble, I bet @gnuffi is going to love hearing about this.”

I also noticed, for the first time, they actually stated on the sub page that the next charge is going to happen in the 26th. The next set of games will be revealed on the 6th or something as this current one ends on the 5th. So I’m wondering what happens here if I were to claim the early unlocks for next month, will I be locked in to pay for it the 26th or can I still cancel my sub before the 26th and come away with the early unlocks for free?

It seems kind of silly if it’d work like that though.


yea no chance of that, when you claim an early unlock, you pay/get charged the moment you claim it
the other day(s) are just the system’s auto “deadlines” for when it forces it, like if you’re a monthly sub that hasn’t canceled(or paused) prior to 26th, it will just charge you regardless of your interest in the games
but all the times i had the month-month(or just inital sub) i got charged “the moment” i decided to reveal/claim the earlies

“grumble grump I wasted 8$, WAAAGH!!”



Suddenly I need to move another d6 inches forward in my chair… Huh…


Well damn I guess that means we’re only getting garbage for the rest of the games.

I could have bought 2 beers with that $4!