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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with psychological attacks and adventuring.


I think that if you’re playing a game centered around high seas piracy with full PVP, completely bereft of any decent single player content and then complain when people seek to fight others you’ve probably picked the wrong game.


The PVP is completely useless and void of purpose as ppl almost immediately respawn where they died (after a brief delay); it’s a rly weird system where u get locked in an endless loop of dying-respawning-killing-dying… without anything rly changing until finally someone flees the scene cuz if u don’t flee they keep respawning in the same place even if u sunk their ship so u have to flee cuz otherwise sooner or later they might sink yr ship too

how the hell is it cool that to win u have to flee like a coward???


Cause it is necessary for pirates? Can’t stay on the scene before HMS’s flood the scene (in like a week)


y but here it’s pirates who have a ship fleeing from pirates who no longer have a ship and are swimming and trying not to die from sharks wtf


Cause the seas be thick with other pirates… Yarr… Ye wouldn’t be wanten those scury dogs finding ya laden down with dubloons and pieces of eight nicked from the aforementioned souls in the drink. Gotta bury it before the others have a chance to sink yer vessel down to Davy Jones.


@harith You mean like a pirate?

Who cares if they respawn? Good for you, good for them too. (also, it’s FAR from instant.)

It also removes the penalty for stupid nonsense-- you’re free to fire yourself from a cannon, make a stupid jump from the crow’s nest, or anything else you’d normally be afraid to try. However, if you SINK their ship, they won’t be able to respawn-- instead, all the treasure they have will nicely float upwards for a bit before sinking with the rest of the ship. Learn to aim a cannon and you’ll do fine.

You also neglect the immense satisfaction of jumping onto a ship, dropping their anchor, getting back to your own WITH their treasure, and sailing off while leaving them with nothing. It’s a riot… as long as you’re the one taking the treasure, that is!


but they do respawn dude, right where there boat sunk, and they keep respawning and harassing u till u leave the area

ok i guess maybe they changed that? cuz apparently they no longer can do that now from what i’ve seen today


@harith They have to wait on the Ferry of the Damned for a short time. Even worse than that, if you killed another player before dying, they’ll be there too, and the whole thing is kinda awkward.

Every time you die, you’ll be stuck on the ship waiting for the bell to toll so you can respawn, all with a big message encouraging you to scuttle your ship and give up on your loot.


y i know, i’m happy u do enjoy it though, but it just feels weird to me, im not playing it anyways, just watched a bunch of streamers play it, and Leewik just happens to be playing it right now too in his sub sunday


@harith I’m just trying to clarify a few games in case there’s a few people on Chrono that are quietly taking a look at the game. It seems that as the next big exclusive, it got wrapped up in a lot of console-fanboy nonsense (why is this even still a thing?) and there’s a lot of misinformation going around as a result.

I will say that overall, I think State of Decay 2 is a MUCH stronger game. I pretty much haven’t put it down since I first got Game Pass. I’m probably not helping my case by saying this, but it’s even closer to what I wanted all along when I was looking at Metal Gear Survive: a fun co-op experience that focuses on building things up instead of micromanaging everything.

You spend the entire game scavenging, fighting, and recruiting not for yourself, but for your settlement. When you have tasks ahead, it boils down to how you’ll improve your base or how you’ll respond to new problems.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to face an ultimate irony. Windows force-restarted itself today for an update. Now just as I go online to talk about how great the PC versions of SoD2/SoT are, nothing will update. Sea of Thieves needs to update for The Hungering Deep… “Error.” State of Decay 2 got its bug-squashing 1.2 update… “Error.” The Windows App Installer needs a patch… “Error.” The Windows Store itself needs an update… “Error.”

It started failing again, just in time for Crackdown 3. Thanks a lot… you had one job, MS.


just hit it with a hammer, or try turning it off and on again


@harith I would, but unfortunately logical solutions such as blunt and direct force don’t really work when it’s Microsoft we’re talking about. I appreciate the intention though, I’d try it with any other platform.

For the time being, it seems like both games updated for now… the updates for everything else failed, so I’m a bit concerned about that. I suppose we’ll see whether I’m allowed to keep what I put down money for. :expressionless:

Anyway, nothing beats logging in and being reminded that Undead Labs cursed you with the single worst survivor in existence. I recruited my next door neighbor only to find out that he was a meme, and before I saw his stats, I wasted a blood-plague cure on him.

In this picture, an incompetent hack cries over a tiny scratch while being judged super hard by Grace, a badass survivor I found surviving on her own outside a trader outpost. She was camped next door to a Plague Heart, and came out unscathed…

So, yeah. I’ve shown this screenshot to a few friends. They’ve all either laughed, made some odd sounds out of pure shock, or asked me if it was doctored/complimented my Photoshop skills. The absolute worst.

When he threatened to leave my base after starting two fights with other survivors out of nowhere, I was just like “Do it! Don’t even wait… I’ll kick you out myself!” The settlement is having a feast to celebrate that night.



Guess some just can’t live up to the name.


sooo someone just snagged up August monthly early upon seeing “A tall hat no Nintendo” :smile:


I did… :smile:


yea, hard to beat that price it seems if interested that game, even if “just that game alone” it seems, being cheaper in a Xgames bundles than it has been previous on its own before even.
-kinda couldn’t resist and had to grab that quick’ish too :blush:


I don’t even like banjo and toony collectathons but I can’t resist that price, last bundle was good too, no lame “early reveals” some things look awesome on the monthly recently.

@CptMold did… did you just edit:(just referring to several months ago) PRAISE Konami’s Survive? (because you can’t call it a metal gear game.)


Dude, you’re like, two months late to calling me out on liking Metal Gear Survive. But yes, it’s a great game made by the people who actually made Metal Gear good, and it’s a better stealth-action game than MGS V could ever hope to be. Kojima’s fine when it comes to ideas, but the moment you see the portal whales and two hour cutscenes go by you’ll kind of see past his praise.

I don’t mind a bit of silliness in a spinoff, but let’s be real… even as a main entry, Survive wouldn’t be that crazy by Metal Gear standards. When Kojima started sending all his incendiary tweets Konami’s way over “zombies don’t belong in my franchise,” he conveniently forgot that he crammed supernatural s___ in out of nowhere in nearly every entry since 2… including, yes, undead zombie-ish monsters.

It even has a really cool explanation-- they’re actually just the things that live in a parallel dimension, and the real reason why they’re being encountered now is because some research teams have been trying to break that barrier as a source of limitless energy… which somehow ties into the Vietnam war, I guess. That’s about as Metal Gear as it gets.


I know I was late but it still had to be called out, its a pretty disgusting notion to enjoy a cashcow money grabbing scheme, no offence Harith, and, well that’s definitely just a matter of opinion xD

survive or any other “metal gear” games Konami make herein will not be a main entry no matter how hard they try, it won’t have “a Hideo Kojima game” plastered over every inch. I’m not gonna move so I’ll just keep letting you praise it my friend, you seem pretty devout to it being a good game, but I’ll never buy it because of the principles I hold, it’s only reason of existence is to make money, its not making anybody happy, except I guess the two people who enjoy the game, but when I say that I mean no one’s dreams are being fulfilled, nothing is progressing, its a non canon side story that didn’t actually happen, as is the last half of V if you think Kojima’s design is all that matters, which I imagine is drilled into my head because of the constant “canon VS non-canon” talks of DBZ, which more or less ALWAYS go back to the Manga written by the hands of Toriyama himself, so yeah thanks for sharing, I guess its good someone enjoys it :smiley: it IS a single player mostly game so they designed that bit right.

but hey don’t bring the other games into this, we are talking about survive, the “supernatural” stuff in 2 & 3 are all blamed on SCIENCE, not supernatural abilities, which is ENTIRELY different, nanomachines, son.



MGS 2’s clumsy mess of an ending has one of the bosses going “oh no, my magical powers got shut off because they were actually just technology,” then PROCEEDS TO USE MAGIC ANYWAY.

MGS3 has a guy that’s made of bees, and a 130 year old sniper that’s kept alive by forest magic. That’s the subtle part, too; later, The Sorrow will meet you as a ghost multiple times, forcing you to fight the ghosts of everyone you killed. This isn’t some weird dream stuff either, as he’ll later appear IN THE CUTSCENES showing you how much time you have left before a bomb goes off.

That, and when it comes to “it’s all science and makes sense!”… allow the following video to speak for itself:

Considering how the team behind Survive IS the Metal Gear team, and that its project leader has been involved with the series as long as Kojima has directing and managing the gameplay aspects, it’s a little harsh to pan them all over a rockstar developer’s “charming” online personality.

The Dite crystalheads are a much better enemy than any of the bosses in MGSV. They’re introduced well, they evolve well over the course of the campaign, and they make for a genuinely good stealth-action enemy. The way MG Survive was received would be like if everyone who played the original Prey dropped Metacritic scores and rented/bought the new one just to destroy it in scores.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you ever give it a chance. I’d really love to see what else this team can do in the future, though the upcoming ZoE2 remaster looks like plenty for now.