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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with psychological attacks and adventuring.


i’m “avg” about this month’s bundle
while i wont talk about destiny 2 more, i’m very happy about styx and pillars of the earth
bear with me looks neat to me too
yooka might possibly not even be worth the 2$ entry price, but haven’t formed a final opinion about that yet
so far, seems a couple going to be added to my spare games/GA list this month at least :man_shrugging:, but i got something, and not an entirely wasted month for me :relieved:


-aaaand i’m unable to log out of Humble today ? :thinking: :dizzy_face:
that’s seems like a weird little bug to have :man_shrugging: :smile:


you’ll never log out ever again.


stay here.

with us.

where it’s warm and cozy.

let IGN warm your bed at night.

10/10 would sleep soundly again.

never leave.


The latest 3-4 month has been a disappointment to me, so as for today I canceled it. I just get games that I in the end don’t play. :frowning:


@coralinecastell, that’s hilarious. :laughing:

Humble Bundle is the new Hotel California.


I forgot to cancel my subscription at one point and now I have bought it…

I’ve started a cult now

who wants to drink this kool aid with me?


I respect your opinion about Destiny 2, but even my old clanmates from D1 with more than 3000 hours on their back, don’t like this “new” game. The clan is now a ghost town, nobody is playing.

I agree that when all constellations aligns and the game works, the shooting is good, but vanilla D2 will be near to useless in a few months and give it away in a bundle is just a smart move to boost a dwindling player population while at the same time sell some DLC.

Styx has the opposite problem, the gameplay is just plain bad. Stilted movement, wanky animations and collision detection. It’s like driving a truck and pretend to be stealthy. The first game had the same issues, they tried with the new one, but seems to be out of their reach.

I’ve checked out Yooka-Whatever, and gave me motion sickness 5 minutes in. That camera is terrible… both of them.

From the new bundle I already own the only game I’m interested in, so I think I’m done with HB.

Edit: there’s one thing about Styx, it runs really smooth on my PC. I’ve previously played it on console and on PC runs like a dream. I also love the setting, but they should put some serious effort in the gameplay department. Third time the charme, maybe? Such a shame -.-


A friend of mine that liked D1 a lot recommended D2 to me, but did warn me in advance that it didn’t have the kind of content that D1 had post-game.

Here’s the thing: D1 wasn’t considered a good game. Bungie really hauled a__ to get D1 to a state where people were happy with the game. I have a feeling that, with Destiny 2’s much better reception at launch, they overestimated their community’s goodwill in terms of post-launch content, which is where it all went downhill. If all goes well, I’m hoping the upcoming expansions will be enough to bring D2 back. Either way, I’m happy with what I got. It looks as great as No Man’s Sky artistically, the lighting engine is beautiful, the gunplay has that Bungie feel, and the story is actually tolerable (not interesting, but the worldbuilding makes up for it).

I know that Styx is going to be a cluster of Eurojank and good intentions, but I still want to play it regardless. I’m definitely looking forward to that one.

I have to agree on YL though. I don’t have any real motion sickness complaints, even though the camera IS poorly designed. It’s just a lifeless shell of a game that could have been great… Team17 squandering potential, imagine my shock. Then again, the store page let you know what you were getting into…


the months just past was shit.

if you avoided it good job.


I wish I did.


Unfortunately I’d have to agree, the Destiny 2 bundle was overall pretty poor.

Only game I ended up redeeming was Cook Serve Delicious 2, surprisingly I’m not enjoying it as much as the first game.

On top of that, I already had Yooka-Laylee and was probably the only person on Chrono that actually enjoyed it. I don’t think it’s bad, just average, a disappointment but still has some enjoyable moments. Shouldn’t have been in the bundle, but I guess you’re never guaranteed quality.


Acceleration of Suguri 2 is pretty cool, though its more of a fighting game than a shmup.


^ is probably the only game that appealed to me

and it cost less on 0% sale than the bundle

I suppose at least I HAVE destiny now, I can now say I HAVE played it so I know its shit.

and I read that bear point and click is funny.

I was hoping CSD 2 was better than the original but reports here say its not :confused: xD

I’ve not even looked at that pillars of earth thing

styx seemed pretty okay, a goblin looking assassin? good concept at least.

and err, Im gonna ignore pooka & shayley

I still redeemed it though, cause its a modern loved by some game, and wasn’t the music done by Grant from the banjo series? so that will be okay, might be good for a video on a future channel. I don’t like any of them, my favourite banjo game is nutz & boltz. I like building plane bikes bite me.


Don’t forget that David Wise did some of the music too, it’s literally the only redeeming factor of the minecart levels and I don’t say that lightly.


I don’t normally know who does game music, my favourite music ever in a game would be dark souls music and I couldn’t tell you who that was without looking him up.

Grant Kirkhope is like, bitchin’ famous.

is how I know him, didn’t even know what B&K was back then.


Yeah, that’s a fair point… something I also needed to specify about the new Wolfenstein.

“There isn’t a single redeemable thing about the game!”
(remembers that Mick Gordon did the soundtrack)
Um… well, maybe one thing…

By the way, I know the fans probably hate you, but honestly, Nuts n’ Bolts wasn’t some cash grab or anything. Rare really did try to add a bunch of new twists on Banjo to try and bring back the series for a modern audience, and I can see why someone might like the game if they can look past its faults. Speaking of Rare, while I don’t think I’ve played enough to really fairly judge it, Sea of Thieves is amazing if you can bring a friend. As long as you know that you’re in it for open world PvPirate shenanigans, you’ll have a great time. There’s a literal boatload of surprises behind everything, even if the “quests” serve as little more than excuses to explore different islands.


I got hated all the way through high school for it, I didn’t even know why, as is most of the times children get screamed at. I don’t care I still unapologetically like nutz and boltz, I still have my save file from when I was 16 or whatever and I have almost all the pieces unlocked.

and now that we’re on sea of absolutely nothing anymore because all the playerbase left, my favourite streamer ding dong VG plays sea of thieves a LOT and he is proving just how anti social the modern playerbase of gamers are.

I can’t find a funny video to show this xD the only video I can find of ding dong playing sea of thieves is when the ship floated down from out of nowhere in a compilation video I didn’t know existed xD


From my own experience, there’s no shortage of players. It’s kind of funny how the game turned out to be a more honest No Man’s Sky in the end.

“Oh… it’s a large world, and may be hard to find other players.”

"Well, I bet they lied about the multipla–"

I’ve met quite a few really cool crews that either did wave emotes from a ship away or even helped us quest while passing by… also a few pretty bad ones, for example one that put up a 30 minute skirmish over empty ships. Really?

Aside from that, it’s got full crossplay with Xbox One, the first expansion came out this week, and it’s literally $10/month with Game Pass, so I’d say the game has a lot going for it.


I don’t know where you’re getting your information from but ding dong goes whole streams without finding any friends, not a single nice person.

and I think no mans sky is better than sea of thieves,

at least no mans sky isn’t forced multiplayer.

and you don’t need a subscription fee to play it haha

in fact the other stream I watched people weren’t so nice either, but in that case the people playing weren’t very nice so it didn’t help xD


Yeah, there are plenty of pirates that just act… well, like pirates. You’re generally fine if you bring a crew, though, if only because people might be afraid to mess with you. Might.
I just pointed out Game Pass because it’s an option. I use it because it’s dirt-cheap access to Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 from day one, and it’s a WAY better deal if you have an actual Xbox One; to be honest, I’d rather pick up that system for cheap than keep paying for Origin Access, with the nonexistent rate they put out games at.