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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with psychological attacks and adventuring.


Woot, I just traded for A Hat In Time…yay!


5mins in, already loving it, tots adorbs, gonna cram in as much as i can today :smiley:, already sad i won’t get the time to play this weekend :weary:


New Humble montly bundle is getting into even newer stranger territories. Now you get to pick if you want Tomb raider or a bundle of Sniper elite 4, Tales Of Berseria and Staxxel. Any of you guys still subscribed to this thing?

IF by any chance one of you happens to pick the bundle and really don’t want Tales of Berseria, I might want to try and trade you for it.


why anyone would want to swap 4 beautiful games for one shitty game I’ll never know.

I’m definitely getting it for staxel, its a dream game for me and it was only released recently.

I never stopped subscribing, paused last month cause it was shit looking, good thing cause the surge was in it, a thing I already own.


I can just sign up, grab the games and cancel right away right?
Berseria and Staxel would be neat but I don’t want to have any active subscriptions.


pretty sure, it tries to tempt you into “pausing” for a month and then paying again next month, it keeps the subscription going, I’ve never canceled it so I’m sure one of the many lovely people who cancelled theirs can help, though I assume its just going onto settings and cancelling that thang.


Yes there’s no trouble just cancelling instantly. I’ve done so to pick up one month at a time when they’ve had something truly worthwhile.


Alright I’ll grab it then, thanks.


Sure can. It’ll make the current month your “last” month. You’ll get the rest of your subscription at the end of the month, then next month will be locked off.


if you “like” humble, ie if you either use it frequent enough, or just want their stuff (like if you see a game in the trove you actually want to try/grab)
you might not want to cancel until “later”, after you’ve enjoyed your store discount/trove/"perks"
can’t remember “exactly” if it still goes like this, but i think whenever you cancel or pause, even tho you “bought a month”, they cancel/revoke your perks immediately, meaning no discount or trove access for the rest of the month, despite paying a months bundle
(btw if you’ve already canceled, it would be super neat if you could confirm/disprove that)
at least i think i recall losing my 10% discount immediately when i canceled(think Mao did to, tho that might work differently when choosing a “pause” :thinking:)
anyway, just a thought in case you wanted to grab the trove games or bought “frequent” enough from humble to take use of the store discount :man_shrugging:

sorta looks like they might be taking a “toe dip”/trial run on some new/diff variation of those obscene Monthly plan changes Xist mentioned some got surveyed about ? :thinking: :grimacing:
while (so far) not totally disgusting as those put forth there, it does slightly raise the hairs on the back of my neck in the panic speculation way of; “omg might they actually try to sneak in those abhorrent changes gradually” :scream: :man_shrugging:
tho this one i could sorta get behind, “swapping” a “AAA”/title, 1:1, for another might be beneficial to some, -but if i’m reading it like Kyle, and they want you to throw out all 4 for that 1 change, it does, imo, start to get into the egregious territory if that’s the case. (#BlameIGN :joy:)


That did indeed seem to be the case when I was looking at cancelling earlier. So I didn’t do it yet.
I have no intention of keeping the subscription going but I’d like to grab whatever freebies I can.


if you’ve picked a 1 month plan, the way i used to “cancel” mine successfully, while getting the entire month, was not actually hitting the cancel button, but just removing my payment method, that way they couldn’t charge me, and i’d just “run out”
-tho ofc i can’t say if a system change has taken place that allows them to save/store payment info now and then still charge at the end of the month (tho i do sorta doubt it), since it was a year ago i did this last :thinking: :man_shrugging: :grimacing:
but either way you just have to cancel your sub prior to the week before release, so that would be canceling sub before friday 31st august, (in case the removal of payment info doesn’t do the trick anymore) :wink:

about the freebies/Trove

and the Trove should be drm free, so can just pick the game(s) you like, and burn it on a disc/storage to keep that way, as long as it’s downloaded before “perks” expire, should be yours forever i think ala GoG downloads

anyway, hope you get the most out of your bonuses either way/somehow having paid for 'em and that :+1:


“instead of” Im pretty shocked, I don’t think this will ever be worth it really, unless you just plain don’t like the games on offer but do like say… dark souls 3 without all the DLC or some other “bestseller” when they all sell the same cause they’re in a bundle…


yea yea, i’m just saying, “some” might read it as trade/swap between “X -on list of games” ie sniper lite, or, tales of berseria, or staxel, “1:1” (the way we fill in stuff in our heads)
even tho it should be sorta “clear” its all 3:1, -which i think is :face_vomiting:/“Yo IGN you did this?”

yea, but that would require them to actually offer up something decent “next time” :smile:
the tomb raider offer is a bit ridic because, again, it’s the standard edition, (which you can’t buy anymore), not the “upgraded” 20y anniversary edition, that goes for the same msrp humble is attributing to this regular/"swap"
if that game is any indicator of their “swap ideas” it really doesn’t bode well :grimacing:
and, depending on the 3-4 early unlocks, even something like their Dark souls +1dlc(not 2) from prior month, (as they might just be going the “prior month swap for theme/uniformity”-sake), might not even make that “decent value” to swap,
maybe less too after, if trying to then trade for a desired game after swap ? :thinking:


You still have trove and 10% discount after you unsubscribed. It ends either when the month is over or the new billing was due. Not exactly sure.


yeah exactly why I am clarifying for all to see now! from the mouth itself, when I buy it I’ll let people know what that screen looks like too so its clear as day, unless someone beats me of course haha.

oh yeah bro, I never expect a FULL game from HB monthly anymore xD but say a game with no DLC comes out and then its on there, that’s pretty good, they can’t sell what hasn’t been released yet, the mystery is still there for me xD I came on the love train late.


The problem is with pausing an active subscription, at any time you pause or cancel, the perks end. But if you but month to month, you get it until the end of the month.


resurrecting the humble monthly side of this thread a bit, what’s everyones thoughts on the Monthly right now? $12 for Overwatch plus others seems pretty good overall.


Do you want Overwatch? Y/N
Do you want to play Overwatch now whilst it’s still relatively popular? Y/N
If the answer to both those questions is Yes, go to purchase Humble Monthly.

As ever, if you want the early unlock(s) then the Monthlies generally tend to be decent value for money.


All I’m thinking is that, if the game has no real push for extra sellable items, OW must be doing terribly for such a course correction.

I still feel like the $50 I spent on the game was a waste, so $12 is a much safer bet for a game with no real grounding in what it wants to be or where it will go next, though that still puts it at the same price as Paladins (imo a superior game).