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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with less Metal Gear and more organized crime.


they look great, never seen those ever.

will try and find them if I can remember xD


expired, new monthly is up (+leak didn’t hold up) so checking steamgifts thread for updates today, and i noticed this
once again there is a possible leak for the games in Aprils monthly
please do take the leak with caution, and “a pinch of salt”, as the previous leak didn’t turn out to be right last time around…
so if you are more/less excited by some of those games, remember it’s not a a guarantee it’s actually them, and proceed with a “maybe”/gamble-in mind, when whether or not if you decide to roll the dice and subscribe/cancel/pause your humble plan this month

(personally i’m curious enough to see it through past the deadline today, as a couple of those leaked/gamble/“maybe”-games have my interest) :blush:

-also realize since there is only 8 hours left, this might not get seen by all in time, if it’s even worthwhile info to some, and “buried” in this non april monthly specific thread. But still thought it was worth a mention without plastering an entire new thread op


You, sir, appear to be an eternal “glass half full” kind of person.


:joy: hahah
i think it’s been said to me; “wow you’re not just a “glass is half empty”-kinda person, you’re “the glass is completely empty(with maybe even the glass being shattered/full of shards too)”-person”, more often than “glass half full” person :smile: :+1:
i usually have to defend my “pessimism” by saying i’m just a “realist” :wink:
i don’t know, i just haven’t been too bothered with gambling a few quids on “mystery”-game packs lately, so figured “God Eater +“maybe” thimbleweed park and Water tastes like wine, sure why not, seems like a fair “bet to place”/deal to a 10€ gamble for me” -just a few drinks/snacks less this month if the bet doesn’t “pay off” :laughing:
i think cheap games is probably one of the few places i’m still “meh”/“glass (might) be half full”-kinda person :wink: :smile:


Well I look at this month’s Monthly and think…Deus Ex Mankind Divided, bad reception and has been super cheap, Mafia 3, awful reputation and has been pretty cheap and God Eater (not my thing but that’s not a Humble problem). Then the reveals…Thimbleweed Park is an ace inclusion but the rest…meh. Water Tastes Like Wine seems too non-gamey for me, Conan Exiles fits neatly into my EARLY ACCESS DO NOT TOUCH rule (plus buggy), Octahedron, interesting gimmick, possibly not enough to maintain attention over numerous other platformers, and Immortal Redneck has Rogue-Lite FPS in it’s description, again not my thing (which Is why I’d love to have gone down the Overfall coin shop path but short discrete repetition is seldom my thing, Devil Daggers excluded…)

I can be negative about EVERYTHING!


wow were those leaks wrong this time :smile: :man_facepalming: :joy:

:laughing: :+1: yup, i know that feeling “at times” too

i got my hopes up “now” because of the leaks, i forgot the golden rule of pessimism, never get your hopes up for anything! :confounded: :smile:
oh well :man_shrugging:
:sparkles: :open_mouth:
“ooh look, Kerbal space program, maybe i should gamble next months bundle anyway too?”:thinking: :rofl:


the bundle with Mafia 3 looked like arse


Yep, definitely feeling you there. I was fully set on cancelling my subscription but Kerbal looks pretty good…

Actually I think I like the look of this month’s bundle better than the leaked version. I’m satisfied with it.


3 new games were added to the May bundle if anyone bought it
Moon Hunters
Crazy Machines 3


wow. that was… strange?
that’s almost there entire bundle revealed if not the entire bundle… :thinking: i wonder what’s going on with monthly…
-wait, might this be a symptom of those dreaded changes maybe being implemented because monthly “isn’t doing so well” anymore?? :grimacing:


With these kind of titles I doubt revealing them is going to have a positive impact though.


deliberately trying to tank their own stocks mayhaps? :thinking:
-speculating wildly as to what the reason behind this (odd) monthly reveal “move” might be for :dizzy_face:
*begin brewing conspiracy theories:




I saw they were implementing a new system for everything since they were bought out, the humble monthlys structure changed a bit to promote and praise people who get the 12 month package, which sucks but y’know, I get the monthly bundle pretty much every month, I skip a few every now and then, this one recently I mainly got it for dead rising 4, that game is still high price everywhere, but it’s the surprise mostly (that now being ruined because they’ve decided “NO SURPRISE! you can just see every f**king game except the shit ones” essentially.)

edit : sorry didn’t mean to reply to you gnuffi xD it was just supposed to be an open post.


I think it’s perhaps an attempt to reveal more games so that more people would say, “Oh, that’s a good game I wanted to play.” Instead of waiting until the end of deal, everything is revealed, and people think, “Oh F***, now I have to see if any of my friends subscribed but don’t want to play that game.” In a way it seems like it might tank their own business because revealing these games may turn people away, because they see all of the titles, and don’t expect much. But they are probably hoping for a few more people to jump on the monthly wagon and start subscribing.


Well then they’ve kind of gotten their entire business model wrong and should simply stop hiding games at all. Same with the normal bundles with a few hidden titles until week 2.


I know, I completely agree. If they plan to reveal before the end of the deal like this from now on, they are going to see a dramatic drop in purchase rates at the beginning of the month and only have either a lull or spike once the others are revealed and before the end of the month. It does not bode well for their beginning-of-month numbers at all. If only there’s a built-in incentive for earlier subscribes would they then overcome this. Who knows what the actual motive was behind these changes. The old system really seemed to work well, with a few big titles revealed and then either you are in or out. And the surprises make up a good part of why people buy them in the first place.


I agree with all those statements, I never understood why they stopped showing everything on normal bundles and showed all their cards for the monthly.


Destiny 2… ? :man_facepalming:
fcn Destiny 2!?! :confounded: :angry:
oke… this one i’m blaming on ign :triumph:(have to blame it on someone), fuck that sht,
i’d even have preferred battlefront 2, at least that looks moderately okay if i squint…



I am cancelling my Subscription, this will be the last time…

Destiny 2… Arrrrgh!!!




I quit this really anti-consumer, yet consumer-friendly bundles, they tempt me with Frank West.

‘Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in!’