Your opinion about The Witcher?

I think that majority of this community comes from USA, the game was great success and I’m actually curious what you think about TW. And I’m talking about the whole series, not only TW3. I come from Poland, so I think that the experience with games for me might be different, because I already knew the universe and had some visualisation for characters from books and TV series (which was really, really bad TV series). I’m asking about this game, because this is one of the few games from Poland, which was international success (and to be honest I don’t know about many more games from Poland. I mean - there is Dead Island and Two Worlds, but I don’t whink that any of these was that successful).

So, how was CDPR’s Geralt of Rivia in your opinion? Is the game good or bad? How about the slavic’s accents in bestiary and locations? Have you looked for Easter Eggs or any cultural reference? If yes - was it hard to notice them?
I heard that many americans was offended, because of only white characters in game. Is that true and there was serious complaint about that? I don’t want to offend anyone, I’m just really curious about stuff like that.

I’m eager to hear your opinions. :wink:

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Hi there,
I’ve only played the first two Witcher games, and I found them extremely good!
I love RPGs, especially open-world ones, and for me, the Witcher series are much more enjoyable than, say, Elder Scrolls.
I absolutely love the lore in the Witcher games. I understand that they come from Polish fairy-tales or books or something? (Please correct me if I’m wrong).
I’m curious though, how much does the game follow the traditional story?

I have the first two games in my backlog (71 on Steam alone), but I have so many other games there as well, so I think it will quite a while before I start on the series.

I am obsessed. Witcher 2 and 3 took over my life for about 170 hours and I am completely fine with that. Just downloaded the DLC, and haven’t even touched it, because as I got back into the game I started doing random sidequests from the original story and sunk another 20 hours in without even thinking about it. The attention to detail, huge amount of content, everything, is awesome about this game. Hands down recommend to everyone.

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Absolutely adored the 3rd Witcher. I had intended for ages to play the other two games first, but when a roommate came home with a copy of three I just jumped right in after a brief poke into the lore online. With that disclaimer - WOW did this game grab me.

Like mentioned earlier, while I enjoy Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect type games, the artful storytelling and character design really sets The Witcher series apart from the pack. I can’t place my finger quite on what it is, possibly the interweaving of character elements into the story and the lore of The Witchers themselves, but I found myself really wanting to roleplay this game. As much as other games like Fable and others previously mentioned allow input from the player character to choose story paths, that’s exactly what it feels like. You’re never truly invested in the outcomes because few choices truly feel like they effect others and the world around you. They’re just choose your adventure moves with the same ending. The Witcher does not have this problem. Characters have very personal motivations and connections with well-considered backstory likely attributing itself to the deep histories already provided by the books. I’ve heard this game draws on them more than the past ones. Geralt inserts himself so perfectly as a sarcastic, strong-willed and strong-armed charmer with the ability to snake from the dregs of society to high kings - and bring them there and back with him - that I can’t recommend it enough. I really could drone on for ages, but if you look up a youtube channel called Extra Credits and search its library for The Witcher, they’ll turn up a number of really in-depth summary videos of gaming concepts so well-addressed in the game.

TL;DR: The Witcher 3 is my favorite game of recent memory, as an old Atari loser

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Not only Polish fairy-tales. :slight_smile: There are references mainly to german fairy-tales (like first meeting Cirilla in TW3 is based on Snow White). References like that is many, many more.
In the first Witcher whole main story of fourth act was based on Polish tragedy - “Balladyna” written by Juliusz Słowacki (Balladyna (drama) - Wikipedia ) and Adam Mickiewicz’s poem - in Polish is “Upiór” so I think in English it may be “Wraith” or “Ghost”, but really can’t find the poem in English right now.

In the third witcher there is story about Vserad, which is based on Polish legend about “King Popiel”, who was eaten by mice. But there is also a lot of pagan traditions like Dziady which is basically the Halloween, just in the Slavic way. :wink:

And when you ask about “traditionalstory” you mean is that fit the books? Sapkowski syas, that the games can’t be treated like canonical, because canon is only in the books. The games have the same characetrs and the story matches perfectly, but it’s not official canon. The only thing tht I don’t like is the Triss character - in the books she tells that she’ll never wear anything with cleaveage, because of wounds, she had in Sodden Battle, but in the game her tits are basically everywhere.

I don’t have any epic stories to tell about Witcher series, but I love them and the stories they tell and have more screenshots from that series than most any other game. They are at the top of my “Favorite Games” list along with Shadows of Mordor, XCOM series, and Civilization series.

Glad to see such high quality games from CD Projekt RED. I look forward to their Cyberpunk 2077!


I’d buy a PS4 or even better computer to play Witcher 1, 2, and 3. I love what I have seen in streams and let’s plays however for now.

i beat Witcher 1, the only down is the combat system but story wise it is so freaking cool! just play it regardless of the combat, started playing Witcher 2 with mods just to make it more comfy for me and it improved a 200% over the first one. and it does rocks a lot, have the Witcher 3 GotY but will first beat the 2

I’ve finally been putting some time into Witcher 3 and even though it was a bit of a rough start I’m starting to really enjoy it. The combat isn’t my favorite, but I’m getting more used to it and the story is starting to click for me.

I’ve played The Witcher 1 for a good 40 hours, and The Witcher 2 for 38.

I think The Witcher 1 has some things it does right, and some things it does wrong. Graphically the game holds up very well for a game made in 2008. That and the story are really the only things that kept me going. It’s a good tale and you really get a grasp of what the world is like. Gameplay wise, the game falls apart. Half of the game you run from one side of the map to the other, occasionally encountering an enemy. The combat system isn’t fun at all. I was fine with the point and click and dual swords, but some enemies automatically dodge your attacks if you’re not using the right styles, applying the right blade oil, etc. Some enemies can even stunlock Geralt (even in his first few encounters). Enemies that don’t look like they are attacking actually are, and all of a sudden half of Geralt’s health bar is gone. The thing that made me quit is the technical issues, especially in the Trade Quarter section, it can bring a modern computer to its knees. I experienced some crashes later on in the game, and they were frequent to specific parts.

The Witcher 2 is a far more polished game, but it has a few setbacks. Visually the game looks outstanding. I absolutely love bloomy art styles, and The Witcher 2 is an excellent example of it. However, that’s the only thing The Witcher 2 does exceptionally well. The problems I had with running around from one side of the map are gone. The story is very hard to follow, I had no idea what was going on the entire time and that led to me making bad choices in the storyline later on. The game’s combat is better than the first, but there is one serious flaw with it, and that is the backstab bonus. The backstab bonus is either 200 or 250% damage, I don’t remember correctly. This leads to a playstyle where Geralt rolls out of the way of other enemies trying to stab at his spine so he can backstab them first. The game sometimes throws a whole lot of enemies at you, and if one so much as touches your back, half your health’s gone. The interface sucks. It’s good for a controller, but attempting to navigate it with a mouse is painfully slow. There should really be a hardware cursor option, because the input lag is real.

I’ve read the short stories and played pieces of Witcher 1 and 2, but I think Witcher 3 is one of the best, if not the best, game ever made. I knew a little about Geralt going into Witcher 3, but after I finished, I HAD to know more. So I looked up the books order the short stories and Blood of Elves.

I think CDPR knocked it out of the park with Witcher 3, but my biggest complaint after reading some of the books is this. The more choice they give us in those games, the more likely we are not going to be Geralt from the books. The Geralt I played in Witcher 3 was a man of the people. Helped everyone in need and didn’t ask for money for it, but I quickly learned that is not how the actual Geralt acts :stuck_out_tongue: Now, I don’t think this is a bad thing, I love having choices in games, but it’s just something I learned after playing and reading some of the books.

I do know one thing though, Yennefer of Vengerberg is awful, and I hate that she is so present in the books. XD

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Well, didnt you heard of Dying Light from Techland?
and Painkiller, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, This War of Mine…

I think i like polish video games :slight_smile: :heart_eyes: