Your home remedy that has worked for you for tummy woes

Ok I’m in a bit of a bind here. Due to my medication, I cant exactly take things like pepto etc. I accidentally drank some expired eggnog last night… and being lactose intolerant … yeah i made mistakes.

I can sit here and google all sorts of things to help, but i figured id ask the people I love and trust the most community wise to share their wisdom.

THANKS, i’ll be on the toilet if u need me,…


Can you drink ginger ale? That usually works for me…especially the Canada Dry stuff…


OOOh good call, I used to do that as a kid and it didn’t occur to me as an adult. I’m also sending the hubs out for bread for toasting, bananas, natural applesauce, and saltines. At SOME point something should be able to stay down. I have a sneaking suspicion it mightve not just been the eggnog and old pork i ate. I have this problem of letting food go bad…


Yeah a few times when i was younger i had some stomach bugs that made me throw up constantly for about a day. I remeber just eating biscuits and bread as those stay down easier. I think the best you cam do is take it easy and ride it out


@delenn13, does that actually have ginger in it? I can imagine it would help with nausea if it does. I usually recommend just boiling some water and making some tea with ginger in it, that could help.

Also vitamin B6 works great for nausea.

But @Culdra1600, if you are having loose bowel movements from drinking lactose and being lactose intolerant, it might be that it just needs to run out of your body. If it had been pasteurized, even expired stuff shouldn’t have too much bacteria growing.

But the most important thing is to remember to hydrate, with whatever you can stomach, and just keep on pushing fluids.

Hope you feel better soon!


Get blind drunk and pass out in the bathtub. Let your body do it’s thing then rinse it all off when you wake up. Maybe have a friend around to make sure you don’t drown in our own filth.


Beer seems to cure most of the tummy aches for me strangely enough :slight_smile:


You can make yourself a tea with lemon skin and laurel (also know as canarino). Otherwise, ginger is one of the best eupeptic in nature, as @delenn13 said.


It has a ginger extract and it worked when I was a kid and it does now. I use it for me. My mom would give me that and some saltines with some cheddar cheese. Of course since @Culdra1600 is lactose intolerant, I would leave that out. For the hubby I make this:

I usually leave out the lime and use lemon because I HAVE those most the time. I don’t get to have this when i am sick because I am usually too sick to make it…LOL

Oh and I Cut the sugar content to 1/2 cup or 150 ML.


My wife goes for the candied ginger; same idea, just more concentrated that way.


Yeah, I won’t lie, I actually like ginger. So when I make tea with the ginger slices and I am done drinking my tea, I will chew and eat the ginger slices… lol…

I just didn’t want to sound like a weirdo right off the bat…


How would eating ginger be weird? You get a pile of the stuff on any sushi plate (or if you’re in a real Japanese restaurant, a box of it at your table/bar), it is food.


That ginger is pickled though and not really meant to be eaten as a salad, it’s a palate cleanser meant to be had in between different types of fish. Eating raw ginger is a bit weird as it’s very strong, but I suspect after it’s been sitting in a cup of tea for a couple of minutes it would have imparted some of it’s flavour to the tea.

I do really like ginger too but I’ve never tried just having a gnaw at whole root.


Straight up, raw, I am the only person I know who eats it… As @Fraggles mentioned, the sushi ginger is a palate cleanser and it comes in thinly sliced pickled form.

You pain such a gnarly picture… lol. I do like to chew on a slice after I drink the tea that it has been sitting in. Sometimes if I am cooking and I slice up some ginger, I will pop a slice into my mouth. It is indeed very strong, but I like it. I don’t go chewing on a huge chunk at a time, and it certainly isn’t eaten like a snack. :slight_smile:


The pickling process removes some of the kick, sure, but my point is it’s still just ginger. And calling it a “palate cleanser” doesn’t mean it’s not food, you’re eating it after all. As for myself, I eat chopstick-fulls of the stuff, though admittedly that’s partly an attempt to fill up on the free stuff XD…


I’m starting to think I was correct and it wasn’t just the egg nog and it might be more of a mild food poisoning issue. I actually have tons of dehydrated ginger (I literally forgot about it until the hubs mentioned it the other day) and have been drinking a lot of ginger water, ginger ale (when i want some actual flavor) and some crackers. Maybe like an hour ago everything subsided but holy moly last night was a NIGHTMARE.

Ginger = Godlike when it comes to the tummy guys , good call on you all for mentioning it !


how do you fill a chopstick? :thinking:

“stuffed chopsticks” is the future comfort food.

I personally eat chips with tomato soup poured over the top.