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Your favorite original short film commissioned, licensed, or produced from a game developer and/or publisher.


Out of curiosity, what is your favorite original short film commissioned, licensed, or produced from a game developer and/or publisher? To keep the discussion going, not to mention for the LULZ, we can go off-topic a wee bit. Direct to video/video on demand, fan-made films, official large theatrical studio releases, and films with plots centered on video game adjacent content is acceptable too. Please remember that this is about films based off of video games, not vice versa. I digress, this morning I woke up to find the following announcement in my Steam activity feed;

Which caused me to reminiscence about how much I thoroughly enjoyed Kinodom Productions other short film;

*Youtube link included for those who would prefer to not stream video from the Steam client.

With all that being said, the next film is near and dear to my heart because of the bonding experience I shared watching it with my daughter. The 2010 PG-13 action comedy fantasy movie rife with “indie” inspired songs, pop culture, and video game references that had a plot conceit similar to fighting games…


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Rusty lake roots!

I actually won a key here in a giveaway of some sort and I fell in love with the series :heart_eyes:

This film has so much of it in, I just love the developers!

Also, I second Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. One of my favourites :smiley:



My favorites have already been mentioned so… does this count?



You opened Pandora’s box.

While I don’t have a favourite, and this barely holds the standard since Seb Mckinnon is an ilustrator for Magic the Gathering, his short films fall into niche and interesing game related things I would say.

If this doesn’t count, well, I have to post this:


Eidos, do…do we…do we have a bromance brewing here? You are quickly becoming best Chrono-husbando. Wrath of the Lich King is by far the best cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft, hands down. Even though I absolutely despise Battle for Azeroth, I got to give credit, where credit is due. These next two videos emotionally resonated with me…

As if I wasn’t already in love with Laura Bailey, damn what a talented woman.

Varok Saurfang for Warchief, need I say more?!?

To rein in the discussion back a lil’ bit closer to the original topic. Another one of my favorite video game adjacent movies from way back in the day, even though it hasn’t aged the greatest, is…


Last expansion I played was WOLKT and I still though those two videos were great. I did showed them to people who never or barely played WoW even, to a great welcome. But I remember clearly how even after the BC I went “Wow, ok, maybe they can top this”.

I never heard about that movie, do you think is worth a check?


Officially made stuff. Well, I know a lot of fan-made stuff but that’s 99% of what I know are actually good.

If I had to force myself, I enjoyed a very very old series for Mabinogi. It is innocent, clean, and pure as white snow.

And can we enjoy Super Mario Bros? Though I probably enjoyed it because at the time there were so few video game movies. Which makes me wonder when a Samus movie will ever be made.


Yes, but can we also enjoy Double Dragon too? As a wee hormone powered libidinous lad I probably enjoyed it because at the time there were so few video game movies and this one had a 22 year old sexualized Alyssa Milano ,“rawr”. A live action Metroid movie would bomb, as would a television series. A animated series, in the vein of Castlevania (get it,vein,haha), would do well on Netflix in my humble opinion. And then, and then… there can be a extended crossover universe series, yeah, Metroidvania!!!


Since you asked for an officially produced short film, here’s my first pick…

but my favourite short film based on a game (fan-made) would have to be this…

If you ever played the original flash-based game I think you’d agree they did a great job of adapting it, even including some of the original music.


If we are enjoying Double dragon, you know what that means we REALLY have to enjoy??

No… I really mean this:

Your welcome.


it’s sad that they couldn’t make the trilogy :disappointed_relieved:


The Ministry of Cinema is here with a quick reminder: Beholder - Official Short Film is now available on YouTube!