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Your Favorite Flash Games



That’s awesome, thanks for sharing it!


I really loved playing Super Motherload :sweat_smile:

They also released it on Steam and I just had to buy it for nostalgia’s sake.
Also loved those tower defense games. All kinds of those. Pretty much all of those I could find on flash game websites. :grin:


Strike force heroes are my favorite game series. i thing the first version of the game i the best flash game i have ever played. i am talking about Strike force heroes, what is your favorite flash game?


I remember Newgrounds was my go-to choice for Flash games, even to the point I thought it was basically just another Armor Games/Kongregate/Mniclip/etc., and when I had to go in front of the class and say what I did in my spare time…you can probably guess what kind of reaction that got. I remember thinking "The hell are y’all “ooh"ing for? It’s just a Flash game website,” and I still never knew why until a few years later.

Anyway, I noticed that a few of the games I used to play haven’t been mentioned, so I’ll go ahead and list them (in no particular order):

  • Super Mario 63
  • Bullet Maze
  • Tower of Heaven
  • Pause Ahead
  • Pixel Hate
  • Melee Man
  • Captain Fugly
  • Enough Plumbers (1 and 2)
  • Spikes Tend To Kill You (1 and 2)
  • Tiny Dangerous Dungeon (I saw it has sequels; I’ll have to check them out at some point).

And, of course, the elephant games (Elephant Rave, Achievement Unlocked, This Is The Only Level, Elephant Quest, etc.).

Much more recently, I played the Flash version Gravity Duck (1 and 2, but not 3; that was made by someone else and it shows), and that’s another one I’d recommend. It didn’t convince me to get the retail version, though.


Ah, Adobe Flash games. My area of expertise. Time for my console-less childhood with only a computer with educational games experience to shine. One of my favourites growing up was Ultimate Flash Sonic. It basically is a Sonic Advance game if it is done with Flash games. Replaying the game it is just OK, but back then it was pretty cool.
Speaking of Sonic Flash games, there were a few Flash games that were official that were used to promote the new games that were coming out at the time. The Sonic Rush Adventure one, playing it again a while back, actually forced me to play well somehow. Speaks volumes on my skill level, though I did beat it thankfully.
Raze was also a really fun Unreal Tournament esque shooter if it were in 2D. The music was pretty cool, also. Although I didn’t really get too far in the campaign back then.
I did like those Papa’s games and whatever similar genres like the one at the Pizzaria or however it’s spelled. I actually managed to beat one game where you are a donkey(?) blacksmith making weapons. I liked those games even though they were dead simple in what they expect.
Those diner games are also a huge guilty pleasure for me, even though they were made for girls in mind probably. With today’s society accepting men liking girls stuff and vice versa, I think it’s perfectly safe to admit this part of me.


Is Fantasy Online back? I miss that game!



That does kinda look like Fantasy Online, if anything, it’s a homage.