"Your card does not support this type of purchase."

But, why ? I’ve been lurking in this site everyday since the TotalBiscuit video.
First time trying to make a purchase and the a CC I’m using [ which with I regularly make payments through Stripe on Humble Bundle ] is giving me the above message.

Can I get any help with this ?

UPDATE 1: Just made a purchase through Steam for confirmation that my card is working correctly. I can provide evidence to an admin in private if needed.

UPDATE 2:It’s a MasterCard from Greece - nothing special and nothing restricted about it. Works with Steam / Humble / Indie Gala etc etc… I can’t really think of anything that would cause the problem.

UPDATE 3: Card still works with Stripe. Just made a purchase through the service - does not however work with Chrono. Absolutely no reason, and it seems like it’s not in my end. Thanks for the gift again Ionin - this is the best possible way to handle this for me, but obviously it’s not in your best interest [ as a company ]. I am extremely grateful.


"Your card does not support this type of purchase" error when processing payment : Stripe: Help & Support has an answer, maybe.


Thanks very much for the help but I’ve mentioned that I’m regularly using Stripe without a problem.
So, it’s specific to Chrono.gg.

Which is a bummer since I’d really love to start buying stuff through here.
Anyway, I’ll update with some more info in case it helps them sort it out with Stripe.

Do we have any specific date for the PayPal implementation ?


Hey Nick, sorry for the trouble! Unfortunately, Stripe isn’t giving us any more information than you’re seeing on your end. I’d recommend contacting your bank to see if they’re blocking it on their side for some reason. As for PayPal, I can’t give a firm date, but it will be soon, promise.

In the meantime, check your PMs.


Weird. Do you have a screenshot of the error message?

It’s the title of my thread.
appears in red, right under where it ask you to complete your CC credentials.

No other info is provided. The link that is provided by dustylee15 above is the general explanation as to why this would happen - but none of these apply to make case.