Yay, 🙄 Another Hunie Bundle!

Didn’t they just have a Hunie bundle not long ago? I mean, seriously, who buys this? Will anyone even admit to buying it? These things barely classify as games.

I find it pretty sad that, over the past few months, I’ve spent more on Fanatical than on Humble bundles.


i’m convinced Humble has a quota to become 85% hentai by 2020 :joy:
-i’m not into such “anime”-vn-“games” myself, but do find musings in the thought of others enjoying this stuff aplenty, (for whatever obscure weird reasonings i’ll never understand) :smile:
"to weeb or not to weeb, that’s the question" :thinking:


I enjoy a VN every once in a while, there are some pretty good ones out there. The Sunrider ones in this bundle I do believe are pretty decent. I wouldn’t buy a whole bundle of them though, as with books you’d be happier with one you think you’ll really enjoy rather than a shelf full of random stuff.

Well no they aren’t, they’re visual novels. They’re better compared to books, with a few alternative story lines and endings. You don’t sit down with a VN if it’s game play you’re looking for, you do if you want to read a story.

Though it’s a $1 bargain bin sale sort of deal so might be worth it even if it’s just the one you want. Also most of these are not hentai, the largest portion are 15+ and “all ages” and even the ones that does have 18+ rated versions you’d have to find restoration patches for.


I wouldn’t mind if these vn’s had their own special category, like books and whatnot. But to pass them off as games?


I don’t think anyone who enjoys VNs tries to pass them off as games.




Depending on which VN’s are in a bundle I would find myself buying one of them.
If for example they had a bunch of Nasu-verse VN’s, or the Muv-Luv trilogy, I would definitely buy that bundle.
Otherwise I’ll keep downloading what VN’s seem interesting from ‘other sites’ For Academic Purposes, and maybe I’ll find some more with plots worth throwing money at.


Well that’s just their standard icons for things, doesn’t mean anything. I suppose they could use their Books bundle icon. Do they have to make a new icon specificly for Visual novels? Or do you think Humble bundle shouldn’t sell VNs at all?

What exactly is it you’re upset about here?


Actually a real solid bundle, nothing bad about it. And yeah I bought it. I’ve heard that the Fault VNs are great and Huniepop is up there if you want an actually fun game.


There’s a phrase in spanish “en gustos se rompen generos” which roughly translates to “in tastes, sorts are broken”

Just because you don’t like that particular genre doesn’t mean is trash, you may not find value in them, that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean others won’t, neither allows you to denigrate it’s public by alluding to the shamefull reputation the genre as a whole has.

With respect to them being games, it depends on what your personal definition of a game is, and furthermore what you classify things as. To me they are, mostly because is easier to classify them as such, especially considering some of the VN that do have some sort of what could be called gameplay, even if minimal, on them.

I don’t know how Humble goes about making their Bundles, but I appreciate they don’t go the popular route and mix things that cater to different people and not just a particular group.

Regarding the bundle, I would buy it, some of these titles are on my wishlist, some others not, but I bought other bundles in the past (not just VNs) that came with games I would never have tried and ended up liking.


These “games” appeal to a very niche audience, so yeah, I think they should have their own category. I understand it’s Valentine’s Day, and there are some who need this sort of stuff, but it’s Tuesday and I’m expecting a proper games bundle, not hentai visual novels.

Perhaps I wouldn’t be so disappointed if the last few bundles weren’t shit. But that too is subjective. I suppose there are some who are in the market for 10+ year old Rockstar games and Goat Simulator.


I am contemplating buying this bundle, I like visual novels, I am just not sure when I will have the time to go through them…


You are 100% correct and I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone who enjoys semi-erotic Japanese visual novels. I am editing the OP to be more sensitive.


I actually buy these games. I think they’re kind of funny. On my phone I play your standard “Girl Looking for Love” . Shall we Date: Wizardess and Ikeman Sengoku / Destined to Love (I love Samaurai’s ).
My PC, I like the more “risque” ones. I look at them like “If you are interactively choosing an option. It’s no different than a Choose your own Adventure Game.” I think I personally enjoy these games because they can be really funny, cute, way over the top etc. I did purchase this bundle and the one that was in the summer, there are a few duplicates.

I’m not offended :smiley: I’m the biggest girlie girl when it comes to Historical Romance Novels (OMG actual books!) and Reverse Harem Anime etc. I love to swoon over my love interests in these games. I think its just being a middle age woman, it brings me back to those times when you were young and had crushes on people. Like that weird innocent puppy love feeling. Now for games in these bundles like HuniePop (which yes is a dirty game). I actually have unlocked every achievement and had a good time. For a puzzler it was really well made, and I actually love the music in it. Just like in my romance novels, I skip the naughty bits and get to the core of the writing, humor etc. I’m sure there’s the crowd who likes these things for other reasons, and that’s fine too. To each their own :smiley:

EDIT : TLDR (I think I have the flu so no idea what my response reads like)

Any visual novel where you can choose an option is a game because it’s technically no different than a Choose Your Own Adventure Game. Think of games like Reign etc.
I personally play Otome / VN because the writing is generally good and makes me feel like a kid in love again.
I play the Mature Games the way I read a Historical Novel, skip the dirty bits and enjoy the story (or music / gameplay etc)


Excuse you with this ageist bull, I will fully admit to still having crushes on people, crushes are a lot of fun.



I’m actually considering this. I’m not a big fan of the ero stuff, but I love a good story, even more so a “choose your own adventure” style story. Can anyone say to the quality of some of these? or just some in general.


Are. The. Best. Ever.


If you want a recommendation I’d say try Higurashi no naku koro ni.

It’s not an eroge by any means, more of a horror story. It’s generally regarded very highly and I enjoyed it myself a great deal, though that was many years ago now. You’re unlikely to find it in a bundle or even discounted even though it is very old now. You can buy it in chapters if you wish to give it a try without spending too much at once.


With due respect but screw that game, the ending of that game left me scarred for life


That’s why it’s so good though!

Alright, another recommendation then if Higurashi is too much for you.

This is also not an eroge, I’m not a literary critic but the writing struck me neither as particularly good nor remarkably bad. I’ve only played through one route so far and the game has me intrigued enough to want to go back. Also easy to recommend since it’s free.