That Legendary Chest had a LOT of coin in it. Anyone doing any buying today?


Could you define “a lot”

It was about 2500 coins.

That’s good… I guess… The coming soon games will be sold out faster than appearing :slight_smile:

i seem to get the low side of these crates, i got 2178

But have you earned 5k till now. That could be more like normal I guess.

even lower for me lol… 2009 i think

I expected a bit more considering the large gap between the 14-day chest and the 30-day chest, and with it being called legendary and all that. I got a little more than double the amount of my 14-day chest, for a little more than double the gap between the current and the previous chest. In comparison, I got more than 3x the amount of coins between the 7-day and the 14-day chests, so I was expecting a similar ratio, especially since there is a bigger risk of missing one day and being sent back to the start of the streak with nothing. Maybe I got lucky on the 14-day chest and unlucky this time around, though.

For me, the 7-day chest gave me 357, the 14-day chest gave me 812 and the 30-day chest gave me 2465.

Between the 7- and 14-day chests, I got about 2.25 times as many coins for a streak that is twice as long.
Between the 14- and 30-day chests, I got just over 3 times as many coins for a streak just over twice as long.

Seems quite reasonable to me, although I gather that individual results may vary a fair bit.

Also, it is a good idea to keep in mind that I did absolutely nothing except visit this site 30 times and click an image, and I ended up with a free game that would have cost me $33 at regular price. I, for one, am thankful for that and see no reason to criticize the reward ratio!


And just some stats for anyone interested (or anyone who is not convinced that the longer streaks are worth it, despite the extra time between.

Considering the base daily rewards plus the 3-Day chest for the first 3 days, I collected 241 coins for an average of 80.3 per day.
Considering the base daily rewards plus the 3-Day chest and 7-Day chest for the first 7 days, I collected 716 coins for an average of 102.2 per day.
Considering the base daily rewards plus the 3-Day chest, 7-Day chest and 14-Day chest for the first 14 days, I collected 1712 coins for an average of 122.2 per day.
Considering the base daily rewards plus all 4 bonus chests, I collected 4692 coins for an average of 156.4 per day.

Individual results will definitely vary, but it should be very clear from this that waiting for the larger chests is definitely going to result in more total coins than repeating smaller chests.


thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

me rn

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Doesn’t take into account the different base rewards for each day, doesn’t take into account the risk of missing a day and going straight back to 0, and doesn’t explain why it is called “legendary”. The base reward seems to grow at the same rate as the other chests but the variance just makes it annoying.

After 14 days I had an average of 146.357142857 coins/day.
After 30 days I had an average of 157.266666667 coins/day. But it falls to 153.6 if I subtract from April 1 (100+) and April 6 (50+) to bring them down to 20+.

Considering the risk of missing a day (not much for me, but depends on the person) it might not be worth it. And again, not very “legendary”.

For the record, I am not asking for more coins or complaining about the system, just commenting about the naming for what seems to be nothing more than a limit on the increasing returns.

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Yes, I considered taking the larger base amounts on April 1 and April 6 into account, but in reality the extra 100 or so that we all got from those days increases the 30 day average by somewhere between 3 and 4, making it perhaps 153 rather than 156. Also, since the base amount per day seems to vary anyway (with some days having a larger base amount), I am guessing that we can periodically expect days with larger (50 - 100 range) base, which will make my original numbers accurate for a typical month anyway.

And in every case that you or me or anyone misses a day that person is going to lose their streak - all this does is encourage all of us to not miss any days! It certainly should not be a reason to give up and not even try for the longer streaks and larger bonuses!

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