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Woven - free Steam key GA @Discord



To get the Steam key go here and follow the instructions:

Personally I find this game disturbing and awful, with no cuteness at all.


And I find it adorable.:heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck: Different strokes…etc…

Thanks, @SeekerSupreme :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


That art style reminds me of my soviet era childhood.
Those joyful eyes and smiles juxtaposed with their patched up, ragged flesh and grim, engineered surroundings that were supposed to imitate something real, but never had a soul in them.
Like maniacal specters possessing remnants of a fallen civilization. Truly demonic.


I totally get what you’re saying, living in an ex communist country. Also resembles the animatronics from 5 night at freddies. yikes


@SeekerSupreme Thank you! I was following this game for years. When it came out, thought the price was fair.

Bit surprised by the gameplay - people didn’t seem to be too excited about it. Five Nights at Freddy is a little over the top in a Barney (yuck!) kind of style that is creepy in a nightmare inducing way. I’ve never watched any playthroughs, so my mind could change.

Do love animatronics though, and wish I could make them! It’s why I love Rogue and other horror movies so much. Ooh and the old Gamera movies. Creature design can be so lit!

In any case, fingers crossed I get a key for Woven. I’d love to see for myself what it became in full.


Still haven’t gotten a key but they were getting slammed…

Message on Discord:

"Due to the enormous demand on free Woven keys, waiting time is now at the point of days. We ask for your patience! We are literally working overtime with the team to provide keys.

Please, if you followed the instructions, there is no need to DM us multiple times. Every time you do, you start at the bottom of the queue again."


Hi all! From now on you can also slide into DM @StickyMax for your free key of Woven!

Have you tried this one yet?


Tried but we’ll see… nothing there yet and tbh, this is pretty confusing


Looks like the devs bit off more than they could chew…
Sounds very, recently familiar…


The Isle


Hey! Got a Steam key from the first DM I sent. ^^

Anyone else get their copy yet?


I haven’t yet I left my twitter in the chat thing I think not sure id should dm too lol


Yup. DM is likely best. Check the announcements too, see if they updated which bot or w.e. you DM.


I sent the DM on discord on aug 27th and got the steam key today from my discord message.

I just DM’d my twitter @name and wrote I wanted a steam key. So you will have to wait a few days.


My clock say that was posted 12 hours ago. All DM requests before then should be fulfilled. Seems its hoomans, not bots doing the GA and they had to close off - overwhelming response.


Yeah they closed the whole dm thing before i got to it now im just waiting for them to do the keys related to posting in chat. I guess I shoulda just dm to begin with oof but they did promise to. I think a lot of ppl r still waitin anyways xP I dunno all these discord giveaways always seem like bad idea, and they probs shoulda closed it sooner. I guess it’s free lol


They had sent key in 28 august (1.5 day after request)


Yes, I got mine 08/29/20. :nerd_face:


Still waiting here…:persevere:


I did get the code now :grinning:


Got my code a couple of days ago :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:

Next giveaway…