Would you ever put up sweet DLCs to the Coin Shop?

I don’t know why I didn’t think about this until now, but some of the stuff I most want on Steam are DLCs that rarely go on Sale on Steam.

Would ChronoGG likely ever put DLC up on the Coin Shop in the future? Do other people think that’s a gucci idea too?

Happy Friday everybody - Stay happy and mentally clear!


This would only lead to an increase in threads complaining cuz so many ppl wouldnt have the main game to begin with.


sounds like a good idea to me, (specially since i own a ton of games with lacking dlc lol)
but i can also see 2 (potential) “issues”,

more possible reasons for randos to keep moaning about coin shop for sure :sweat_smile:

^and this
since it seems like Chrono maybe relies on getting good deals on the coin shop games, presumably so they don’t go broke from giving out free games, it could possibly be unlikely it would be that simple to secure beneficial deals if the devs/publishers already aren’t so inclined to discounting their dlc

i welcome more stuff in the coin shop (even tho i haven’t been gathering coins for ages now, woopsie :grimacing:), would not surprise me if i had a dlc or two wishlishted, or just dlc i wasn’t aware of, that i wouldn’t mind end up seeing in the coin shop :yum:


I think because it’s not that beneficial to publishers .

Giving you free or heavily discounted game could leade to a sale of full priced DLC while giving you a free or heavily discounted DLC most likely wont make you buy a game .


These are all logical reasons - thanks! Yeah, I can see more now why it wouldn’t really make sense for publishers to agree to give their DLC (which makes em quite a bit of coin, maybe even more than base game).