World Land Trust Bundle(4.99US) at for More Than 60 Games

And so the Christmas bundles start… It’s worth it just for Botanicula, A Normal Lost Phone, Fugl, Samorost 2 and so many more.

What you get:

The bundle is a pay-what-you-want with a minimum donation amount of $4.99. An incredible bargain with over $450 worth of more than 60 indie games and projects available.

About the bundle:

It’s no secret that the world is in immediate danger from climate change. You can’t switch on the TV, browse the internet or listen to the radio without being reminded how bad the situation is right now. Rising sea levels, global warming, forest fires, entire species’ extinction. But there is still time to do something.

We’ve reached out to our friends and the wider video game industry to come together and raise money for the World Land Trust, an international conservation trust working with a network of local partners around the world to save, protect and restore critically threatened habitats for wildlife, and in doing so, lock up carbon and address climate change.


Several great games, although if you’ve gotten the previous bundles you might have a few of these already.

Games you might wanna look at: Teenage Blob, Ynglet, Cloud Gardens, No Longer Home, Coffee Talk.

If you never got the previous bundles: Lieve Oma, Hidden Folks, Wide Ocean Big Jacket, Signs of the Soujorner.


They, now, have 66 games and they have upped their goal to $20,000. IIRC, they started at 2,000.


I think they need to raise their goal again. :partying_face:



Busted it again…and again…

Update: $10,000 in less than 24 hours! :partying_face:
From myself and everyone involved in this bundle, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Over $10k raised is incredible and we’re blown away by your generosity. We’ve increased the target to $20,000, can you help us get there?

Update Two: 20…30…35k in one weekend?
Alright, you’re all amazing. We set the new target at $20,000 and you smashed that in 24 hours and we’re now sitting at just under $38,000. This is beyond anything we had hoped for. How do we feel about aiming for $50,000? The new target is set, let’s go!



This closes in 12 hours… :revolving_hearts: