World in Conflict *Complete Edition* FREE (Uplay) (Closed) :/

hey guys, Ubisoft is making a new giveaway :3 ; in the link is free trial, but I believe it is forever ever :stuck_out_tongue:


Forever yours indeed. This is phenomenal! World in Conflict is one of the best and most unique real time strategy/tactics games ever. I say that as someone who doesn’t usually like the classic RTS all too much because of how restrictive and clunky to control they are. But, World in Conflict is different. It’s as easily controllable as a first person shooter with a completely free and unlocked camera that allows for breathtaking views of the battlefield as well as all the control over your troops you may want. Also, I’ve had great fun with the campaign, which is extremely varied and very well presented. Touching, too, if maybe a bit too overly dramatised and hollywood-esque at times.

The Complete Edition includes the add-on Soviet Assault with a new campaign, which I never got to play so far. Terrific! Thanks!


Assassins Creed:Black Flag is free next week from ubi’ too.


Hi Five. At least I got it relatively cheaply… :frowning:

I got Black Flag on launch days, hehe
You guys enjoy

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I’ll try World in Conflict, but I think i’m more excited to finally get Black Flag!

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I try to claim these freebies whenever ubisoft gives them away but I’m unlikely to ever play them. Just in case they one day decide to scrap uplay and just let you play the games, or and I realise this sounds like insane flights of fancy, uplay becomes a useful, unobtrusive and functional client.


Assassin’s Creed IV is now available.


@Fraggles I’d say uPlay already is that. I just don’t have problems with it, ever. Downloads are fast, it loads quickly, its interface is tolerable, overall it’s just a completely functional client and I’ve had no problem playing any of my games on the platform.

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I’ve had download problems, probably because they don’t have localized servers over here or have ultra garbage ones. Then again, I’ve only played a few selection of uplay-required games and just the singleplayer because I’m not interested in multiplayer for those games. And I don’t really care or tried the other services they offer as a client.

P.S.: I haven’t logged in over a year, so things could have improved (?).