World Autism Awareness Day giveaway (a little over) 24 hours only [Ended]

Next week it is World Autism Awareness Day 2018 Monday 2 April

What is autism?

Therefore I want to giveaway 5 copies of this nice little game, where you can learn about autism. Its a fun game to play even if you do know enough about autism The game has a really nice dev. I asked him if the game could go on sale, and he put it on sale right away for this week because of the Autism Awareness day

Some may already have this games because it has been in a bundle, therefore I’m giving away 5 copies of the dlc also

Many people who have autism love gaming, like me :slight_smile:
I have Asperger.
For me there are a lot of pro and cons to having autism
One of the pros is having a good memory
One of the cons is the Sensory overload like in this link: (Autism TMI Virtual Reality Experience)
Fear for changes (Diverted)

If you enter please say if you enter for the base game or the dlc

  • You have to be a member for at least 3 days (72 hours)
  • Have at least 3 badges
  • Its a Steam gift so you have to befriend me. So only enter if you dont mind adding me at Steam (you can unfriend me if you received the game) I think I still can giveaway to all countries, if not I will try to get it at for you another way or we will find a solution
  • Please be a nice and only enter if you want to play this, if you dont have any intentions to play this one give others a chance
  • If you are the winner I will send you a pm, please respond + befriend me at steam within 24 hours if you dont I will pick another winner
  • The winner will be chosen by a random name pick (I will ask the winner for his/her steam id in a PM)
  • This giveaway will end April first at 21.00 CET

Yoshirules, you are a legend, and If I could give you a mega-super-uber-likety-thanks then I would. In fact maybe we should have a Gifter type user title, because you’d certainly deserve it.
Autism is very misunderstood and anything that can raise awareness is definitely something worth supporting. I’m not entering because backlog, but I just wanted to say thank you.


oh thats so sweet thanks!


How cool of the dev and how freaking awesome of you!! Gifter badge falls short, you’re the giveaway countess.

I’m entering I’ll be playing this as soon as (If) I get It, we need a new, much better word, to say Thank you to you rlly :sparkling_heart:


there is also free game about asperger

in case anyone interested in learning about asperger


Thank you I didnt know I installed it


God damn @yoshirules, there aren’t even words in the english dictionary(or any other for that matter) to express your amazing-ness. :sunglasses:
You have the bravery to share something really personal on a forum you haven’t been on in more than a month.
Even with the stigma there are around autism in gaming.
You know? I’ll just get it out there. I have autism too.
Not to the extent you have, if it’s anything like that video you linked.
Thank you @yoshirules for giving me the courage. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:
Ohh. Yeah. I guess i’ll enter for the main game.
Kinda obligated to at least give it a try.


Good you say it in the open, because its nothing to be ashamed off
I dont have it always like in the video’s but I do use meds before going into a store. Its because of all the noises and crowds I get overwhelmed.
Also when I have a busy day I get overwhelmed pretty easily
But when I am at home, I am just like everyone else.
Most people with autism do have difficulties with social interactions, I dont for me social interactions arent scary/difficult at all


I’m currently enrolled in Psychology at a great university here in Brazil. Ever since I met one of my nowadays best friends, Asperger and autism in general have been great points of interest in my studies. I feel that, even among Psychologists, facts can be riddled with misconceptions and half-truths when it comes to autism (and I reached that conclusion merely from experience, not literature).

As I talked in length with one of my teachers, the whole idea of an “autism spectrum” seems awkward when we take out the far edges of it and compare them. It feels like a lazy attempt to clutter together completely different experiences, and although I understand how useful it can be to brand one big phenomena the same, it can also be harmful to the individuals enclosed in that seemingly arbitrary space, especially when calling someone “autistic” has been widely used as a form of name-calling rather than clinical diagnosis.

It doesn’t matter who I ask for more information regarding autism – and trust me, I’ve asked some pretty renowned professionals – the answers always seem to come out slightly muddled and some times even arbitrary.

I wonder if that isn’t the bane of human condition, if all other mental phenomena studied in psychology and psychiatry are stated in such shifting terms and I only noticed that negligence with autism because I’m paying close attention to it, and even if the best we can do is just try to make do with the quicksand we’re slowly drowning into, lest we rewrite every mental health book that ever existed or abandon them all in the Bermuda Triangle and never look back.


Enough contemplation on my part I guess. I’ll shut up now.

I’d like to enter. Yup. For the main game.

Thanks for another splendid giveaway, @yoshirules. You’re my spirit animal. :yellow_heart:


Thanks you so much for sharing your experience! :clap:
And I think you are absolutly right


Ill enter for the base game please.
Sadly I know nothing about autism I hope this changes that though.
And also yoshi you are a legend I think this is your third giveaway this week.Thank you so much man🤗


@yoshirules, you are a brave soul. Thank you for sharing. :heart_eyes::cupid::heart::heartbeat::broken_heart::two_hearts::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::gift_heart::revolving_hearts::heart_decoration::heavy_heart_exclamation::love_letter: Can’t give you enough hearts!

I have been watching :

How accurate is that???

P.S. Not entering but thanks for the giveaway too!:+1:t2::+1:t2:


I am interested in both. I would also be interested in learning about autism and how this game might provide that information.


Not entering, I am familiar with Autism… I have seen every episode of Good Doc. I love the show…


Thanks a lot for all the hearts :hugs:
The good doctor: Its on my to watch list (I love the actor in Bates motel, one of my fav series)
I did watch:


sign me in and thanks


I am not entering, thank you @yoshirules for sharing your personal story with us! :heart: :hugs: :


kinda agree with you, autism and asperger now both exist on the same spectrum (they always be) instead of individual diagnosis… on the positive note it might help ppl to actually come into sense about what autism and asperger is, downside is the unique trait for each own might become clouded since you’re more likely clump them as one instead of separate them as different diagnosis

and yes “autistic” term is widely degraded to some extend as name calling which is pretty concerning especially for the “aspie” since they don’t face (not always) the same harsh treatment as autistic ppl might actually lead to more problem

as for facts misconception and truth, that might actually come from the base of psychology itself, every case is unique you hardly met ppl that show exactly same symptoms with the same treatment, like cooking same ammount of ingredients don’t always lead to same edible food, there is way too many factor to count for


Giveaway has ended Everyone that did enter won the game :smiley: