Winter Sale

So far it looks a bit useless, but I found a couple of nice deals on some of my wishlisted games. How about we share good findings with one another?

I’ll start:




Will keep updating with nice findings! :slight_smile: :butterfly:


steam so flooded i can’t purchase anything, auto defaults to “credit card declined” :roll_eyes:
not that there was much to buy anyway this time,
-either store isn’t fully updated yet, or a ton of titles didn’t go on sale, and most that did didn’t receive a discount worth getting excited for :confused:

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Yeah, I’m noticing the same thing! But there’s always a good hidden deal here and there, or a big title going on an unexpected sale. Like GTA V, which is 60% off now. Not that I care, but someone might! :slight_smile:

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alright, was definitely a case of “store not fully updated” yet, lol now my wishlist is starting to display some discounts
Domina here i come!

also, PS, to anyone out there thinking they want some good hack 'n slash ARPG →

(i’m not biased at all for being super hooked on it :joy:, -tho seriously, it’s great, and this price is an absolute steal!)

edit: PPS. can i just say how i love how Activision is really sticking to their; “no devaluating games” policy=not even half decent discounts on their decade old titles anymore :rofl:


I think now might be as good a time as any to finally buy Fez. Yeah, the dev is kind of a douche, but the game is critically acclaimed and it’s only 99 cents.


Awesome! Thanks for spotting and sharing. If this post gets more attention I might categorize every deal, including this one, on the main post to make sorting easier! – linking to the spotters’ post, of course.

I honestly don’t mean to sidetrack, but I think it would be fair if you explained why. I already own Fez, but like many out there, I’m heavily influenced by the people behind games. So I cringe when devs pull stunts like Campo Santo’s a while back, and that can make all the difference when opening my wallet.

It may affect to those considering purchasing it, is all I’m saying! :slight_smile:

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It’s nothing to do with the game. The game, by all accounts, is brilliant. He’s just got a shit attitude. He insulted gamers, insulted fellow indie devs, insulted the entire Japanese gaming industry, canceled the sequel out of spite. You can google Phil Fish and form your own opinions. For 99 cents, I can separate the art from the artist.


I’m considering a number of titles this time around.
Almost certainly going to buy the White March expansion for Pillars of eternity.
Very likely also getting The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky
Possibly buying Salt and Sanctuary
Might toss in Rise & shine as well.

But I have not made my final decisions yet.
@coralinecastell I rather enjoyed a couple of hours of Sunless sea, the thing that really ruined that game for me is a silly little UI problem. Almost everything that happens in that game is written out in a tiny little text ticker window in a ridiculously tiny font and I just came away with an eyestrain headache from the whole thing. There were a few people along with me bringing that complaint to the devs early on and they claimed they couldn’t possibly change it for some “engine related” limitations, which sounded like BS or incompetence, not sure which one is worse.


Thanks for explaining! Hopefully he gets around to putting out more brilliant games in the future, as Fez is quite a lague of its own.

Also good to remind everyone that Fez is on a historical low now! Previously, the biggest discount had been 80% off. So thanks @DanosaurJr for bringing the game up :slight_smile:

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From my wishlist:
Assassin’s Creed Origins - 30% off

The Witness (anyone remember this game? Is it worth playing?) - 60% off

SuperHot (alternatively, this is/was free with twitch prime) - 40% off

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We Happy Few is the only game on my wishlist who doesn’t got a discount…

Might be getting: Divinity: Original Sin, Firewatch, Rocket League,Planet Coaster.

Still have a lot of unplayed games on my library tho…

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Let me know if you get Rocket League! We can play together. It’s loads of fun and I got recently addicted to it haha

Also, that’s an all-time low for Planet Coaster! So it’s a good opportunity. :slight_smile:

Know that feel, bro. Sitting here with 34% unplayed games weeping a bit.

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I will only buy Salt and Sanctuary and, even though it’s not on sale, Realms of Magic.

I don’t wanna look my 538 wishlist.


@coralinecastell just saw what you posted about the firewatch devs, igues i’ll buy Kentucky Route Zero instead :+1:

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Kentucky is a mesmerizing journey. It’s one of my all-time favorite things in life. It’s enthralling and enticing. A genre of its own, with a gigantic backstory and a puzzling mystery that never keeps giving and never quite unfolds.

I’ve kept a close watch on this game since before its release in 2013 and it has a very special place in my heart.

Above of all, it’s one of the very few games I can’t seem to put into words, because only by playing it can you fully immerse yourself in it and give a shot at trying to understand its world and its characters.

In short, I highly recommend it. It’s a great companion to bleak nights with a warm cup of tea.


Wow, It’s quite enthralling the way you put it, i’ll definitely give it a chance! :relaxed:


This game looks suspiciously like Terraria :thinking:


At this point, I’d rather not buy too much since I know we’re about to get slammed with Darksiders III, BioMutant, Psychonauts 2, and Night Dive’s System Shock remake.

I mean… how can you NOT be hyped for these?

That said, I’m looking at Ultra Street Fighter IV myself, and I just picked up the Humble Monthly Bundle for Quantum Break (already owned it -_-), The Long Dark, and Dawn of War III (for a friend).


Easy, I just don’t DO hype anymore.
Darksiders, Psychonauts and Systemshock are all titles I had a lot of enjoyment from. But doublefine has been a raging dumpsterfire ever since Schafer managed to wriggle out of the control of anyone with a sense for budgetting. Systemshock, another kickstarter feeding on nostalgia, I’ve gone in on a few of these things before and so far they’ve just about delivered a passable product. We’ll just have to see. Darksiders 3, looks good but then everything does so there’s no telling anything until we have the game in our hands.

Whether these titles lives up to their promises or not I’m unlikely to play them until launchdate+2years or something anyway so yeah, no hype here.


@Fraggles I’m not sure what you mean by that bit about Double Fine-- I’d say they’ve had a great track record ever since Spacebase, and the frequent updates have dispelled any concerns I had about the project having issues as it seems that the game is coming together perfectly.

That said, I get why you’re against hyping up games. I should probably be the same, considering how Just Cause 3 and Wolfenstein II ended up, but nobody said I was wise :wink: I probably should have used the actual gameplay trailers for all of those, as all of those games already have some info out there about some of the changes and how it’ll play.

Anyway, here’s for the embarrassing fact that I didn’t even bother linking the games I picked out:

I should also point out that you should DEFINITELY pick up the “New THQ Classics” bundle. It comes with the Red Faction Guerilla remaster, Red Faction Armageddon, Darksiders 1+2, and Titan Quest Anniversary Edition for $17.49.