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Winner Takes ALL Giveaway (Read the rules) [ENDED]


Winner Takes All Giveaway!

TODAY ONLY (June 29. 2020 counted from CDT (UTC -5))

The following DLCs for Cities: Skylines are being given away as a single package. They will be five (5) separate codes.

Cities: Skylines - All That Jazz
Cities: Skylines - Concerts
Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Art Deco
Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: High-Tech Buildings
Cities: Skylines - Deep Focus Radio

How to Enter

  1. Reply to this post


  1. Your account must be older than 2 weeks.
  2. If you reply, it WILL count as an Entry even if you say “not entering”
  3. Discobot will provide the determining roll
  4. The Giveway will end at or about 23:59 CDT (UTC-5)
  5. You can have a maximum of one entry.
  6. Due to how I plan to do this, multiple replies in attempts to gain more entry will disqualify you.

That’s it

I reserve the right to change the rules as necessary.

To state again:



I’d like to enter. Thanks for the giveaway!


Thanks for another giveaway! Your really being generous lately! Count me in!


You’ve been very generous as of late, @Pylinaer. In the end decide not to pick up that skylines bundle so, this reply is an entry.


Thank you for the giveaway @Pylinaer , please consider me in!


Thank you! Count me in :slight_smile:


I really like rule 2.


Thanks for the giveaway!


There was never that many giveaways like nowdays. Thank you so much for making these giveaways to everyone.
Just a quick question. You said every comment is an entry. Does the chances multiply if I put more comments here?


Have mercy on Pylinaer. I’m pretty sure tallying up a truckload of posts is not how he wants to spend his special day;)

One entry for me, please.


I’d like to enter please, good luck everyone :slight_smile:


not entering


I will bite on this one, thanks. :smiley:


Here goes nothing! Hopefully I can add to my growing collection of Cities: Skylines DLC! :smiley:

Thanks for your generosity!


Great. Thx You :slight_smile:


Struggling on money right now and wanted to get back into city skylines , this would help, good luck everyone (especially me)!


Wow, thanks for the 4th chance @Pylinaer, i appreciate the generosity :clap:


OMG yes I Love that game, to get that DLC would be amazing!


Thanks for the giveaway!


Awesome thanks