Windward Co-op?

I just bought the Humble indie bundle 18 and got

among other things.

Thought I’d see if anyone else done the same and would be interested in trying it out in co-op multiplayer at some point. It’s a bit of an older game so I’m not certain how many people are playing it anymore.


I hear it is good, I’m not much of a co-op gamer but I do own a copy but I already offered it to a friend on Steam, if he doesn’t want it, I’ll keep it for myself and give you a game some time, if you like?

Ahoy matey, I’ve played it with a friend before, it’s pretty good and reminds me another pirate game that I used to play, Tortuga: Pirates of the New World. The community in Windward is very helpful and there’s lot of fun to be had on their official server, but you should probably start in a local game so you don’t get overwhelmed with advanced stuff.