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Windows 10 update KB4522355 DO NOT INSTALL! AVOID!


I regularly check Windows updates even if the Start Menu “Power” button options, you know “Shutdown” and “Restart”, does not inform me that there is an update that has been downloaded and restarting is required to finish it.

Anyhoo, I popped into Windows update and I saw an optional update, KB4522355. I chose to download and install it and boom! My system BSoDed.

And to think this was my first ever BSoD since 2012, which was my last before tonight’s debacle. So yeah, avoid installing it folks :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Thank you for the heads up!


Oh and get this stupid thing it alao did…

It messed up my boot sequence thing too. On my BIOS my boot disk was set to my D: drive but my system (Windows) drive is on C: so when my computer attempted to reboot it would fail because it’s looking for the OS on the wrong drive.

Had me a scare for a moment as I thought my C: drive died on me. But it turns out my boot sequence thing was just messed up by that darned update.

Everything’s good now though :slightly_smiling_face:


Your bios boot order does not seem like something windows update should have access to, that’s kind of worrisome.


@Fraggles Could my C: drive finally be dying out? Or could there be something more to it?


I installed KB4522355 on ‎10/‎28/‎2019 with no issues, FWIW.


Now I’m a bit worried. Could there be something else I need to look out for now?


I have no idea and no info to go on, but check it’s smart stats maybe for an easy and quick basic idea. If it is failing there should be an indicator there.



It’s true though as I have been extremely careful with my system. Back in 2012 I was still on Windows 7 and my BSoD was caused by failing hardware.


Reading more into it I found a post on a forum, sadly I wasn’t able to save the link as I was on my phone when I found it, that said there are rare instances when after a system crash and your system reboots, the BIOS might attempt to change the boot sequence to try and see if it can boot from another source. And sometimes it doesn’t revert to the correct boot drive even when you’ve resolved the issue and would need to manually reset your boot order to fix it. Which was what I had to do.


Hehe y’all doomed :fire:



Glad I don’t install optional updates. I mean it’s great to have but I prefer those that are tested with the hardware in mind.


OK, I tried to install the optional update again this morning and this time it updated with no problem whatsoever. Looking back to what occured last night, I did realize something…

I was closely watching the installation process today and it seems last night’s BSoD occured near the end of the “Installing” phase, the installation progress from the windows update app itself. And before it could finish, it seems to have hanged\frozen at 90%, was unable to propetly initiate the “Restart Now” notification phase then boom BSoD.

Today’s update attempt didn’t froze up like that and was able to finish the “installing” phase and was able to enter into the “restart required” phase.

Restarted the system as required and all went well without any hitches.

So yeah, just bad luck I guess? ???

Anyhoo, if y’all gonna try to install the update be aware that things might not go so smoothly.


Puts on tinfoil hat

Windows released broken optional update. Realized it was crashing computers. Ninja patched it before a majority would notice. Affected customers imagine it was a fluke mistake and tries again. No problems emerge.

Windows wins again.:pizza: