willing to trade any coin shop game(s) for kovaaks fps aim trainer

Currently have 20,000 coins that are wasting away so send me offers


Seems like it has never been bundled. How would this trade work?


it was worth a shot :slight_smile:


My advice would be, first, to keep an eye out on the forums for people who want things from the coin shop but don’t have enough coins. Especially in the days the coin shop receives new games – usually Fridays.

For example, Heroes of Hammerwatch got added to the shop two days ago, and cost 10k. I didn’t have enough coins myself (only had 9k) and I bet loads of people were in the same spot.

Second, make a list of games you want that have been bundled in the last few months.

That way you’ll convert your coins into something you want and help someone out if they’re unable to purchase something from the shop!

Good luck :blush:


when you say it has never been bundled does that mean that it can’t be traded?

Sort of. Bundles are where most of the free-floating keys come from. When people buy individual games, they either get them directly from Steam (no keys), or they buy a key and redeem it for themselves. Bundles are how people end up with a bunch of keys they don’t use. If a game hasn’t been bundled, it’s simply not likely that people have unwanted keys for it.

That’s what I thought, I just wasn’t sure there might be other ways to obtain keys too.