Will there be a referral system?

Will be there referral system ? For coins also and every streamer who advertise them to have the opportunity to make giveaways of coin shop games ? I think this will be a good feature :slight_smile:

You’d want a streamer to claim a large portion of a very limited stock of keys for giveaway purposes? Screwing over every other regular of chrono.gg? No thank you.


Totally agree with @Fraggles, the referral system here on Chrono is word of mouth anyway, I think to heavily remove active members’ ability to claim already limited keys won’t sit well with most people here. The suggested change is neither necessary nor desirable…


Hm @YQMaoski and @Fraggles didn’t we have a discussion some time ago in the forums about a badge related to an inexistent referral system?

Can’t recall how that panned out, all I remember is that I still want my badge for dragging @NICK9X9 into this hellhole. :blush:


The referral system is for pulling people into the forums I think… maybe, but it’s not set up and definitely not operational. I think we should all get honorary gold referral status anyway… :wink:


there already exist a sorta referral system

and i’ve seen multiple people remind their fans chrono is running a coin system
(and a “direct” referral system, just for the free stuff, seems like a mighty big ask, sorta almost like just a grab for “free games”, -PS coin shop games are not actually free for Chrono btw)

+i usually find, that as a “decent” (regular) person, it be nice if people/“I” just told their friends about a good deal/nice thing that like, -without having to get something “extra” in return everytime for just sharing “word of mouth”/experience about something useful

but, my views aside, you could always try to check out the partner program with chrono and see if you can work stuff out there, best of luck :+1:

*stomps foot*

I WANT MY BADGE!!! :angry:


oh yea, the forum/“discourse referral system” :smiley: ,
but OP asking for coin referral system/GAs -which i’m not so inclined to find “tasteful” :wink:
but yay badges :yum:
(probably wouldn’t work retroactively anyway tho :grimacing:) ahahah :smile:


I’ll just have to drag in more innocents then. :smiling_imp:


destiny 2 just got a referral thing and there are rewards for playing with the person you nagged into buying the latest expansion and i was alredy telling everyone to come and play destiny 2 with me but now im like i must have all the shiny loot guys come on play with me buy expensive game i need you


Luring a friend into Destiny? That’s something I wouldn’t do.


I don’t know what’s going on here (i do), but thanks @coralinecastell for dragging my ass in here. :yellow_heart:

Now please give this fine lady the badge that she deserves for getting me (and probably other people) in here before she slowly murders all of us one by one for not receiving it!
(And judging by that reply she seems angry, and she knows where i live 0_0.)


sure, but that’s because activision is loving sleazeball moves to make people “addicted”/feel like “missing out” if you don’t XYZ (CoD “public” open boxes for instances), not so much for your benefit as a psychological ploy :wink:

but what i mean “here” is, say you have a friend that enjoys sandwiches, and a new epic sandwich shop open up, and that sandwich shop makes you a great sandwich +has awesome stuff/offers for you
-then, imo, as a “decent” person, it’s pretty crappy if you don’t share that info with your sandwich lovin friends, “unless the sandwich shop gives you a free sandwich” for your “trouble” :roll_eyes:
i get that it’s nice as a bonus, but this mentality that “everything” should = referral bonuses for anything these days, i find pretty “gimme gimme”, borderline narcissistic self-serving
Chrono has good sales +coins/free games, either of those, on their own, should be enough for someone to inform a friend if “you” know they like/enjoy games, -imo

imagine if @YQMaoski ski @delenn13 only told us of “other deals”/a game on our wishlist if that site had a referral link, :unamused: -but fortunately they are nice people and share what they know “just because” :hugs: and so we rarely miss out :blush: /NicePeople


ok ok i see what yr saying, but what if the sandwich place had limited ingredients so then if u were to tell everyone about it there would be no ingredients left to make that great sandwich for u


honestly, i wouldn’t refer that place to anyone unless they could at least guarantee that they’d have a sandwich left for me, and preferably free ofc


everybody wants a free lunch :smirk:

:smile: :+1:



Some of us…

just want…

:star: :star2: :rainbow: A badge :rainbow: :star2: :star:

Disclaimer: I’ll also not wage war if I receive at least 1 (one) of the following badges: “Capybara Enthusiast” and/or “Charming”. Should Chrono fail to respond or agree to my proposal, I will gather my assembled army posthaste and make them regret it.


I think having a coin bonus for referrals would be kinda neat, but I think it would be way to easily abused to actually be put in. There would have to be checks and balances to ensure against abuse, like maybe those referred have to stay? like having a certain amount of activity in effect or a certain number of days logged in?

Still seems like a bad idea overall.


I want the “Judgemental bastard” badge. If you back up my proposal I will back up yours.

What do you say?


*spits on hand*