Will I be able to get Dustforce in time?

New user, I’m currently at 1400 coins after getting my first 7 day streak yesterday. I’ve wanted to get Dustforce for awhile now and this seemed like my best chance. However, the percentage claimed for Dustforce skyrocketed to 70% last night and is now at 80%. I don’t know if I can get the extra 600 coins needed to get it in time since I need 7 more days to get my 14-day chest of coins, and at 7 days I’d only get roughly 140 daily coins, which will not be enough and I feel that the game will reach 100% claimed by then. So really my main questions are: Is there any other way to collect coins I’m not aware of? And will Dustforce come back as a offer even after 100% claimed?

Currently, there’s no other way to gain coins besides visiting daily, but we’re thinking up some new ways that we’ll be implementing in the coming months. As for Dustforce (or any other game), we won’t be restocking them, but we may feature them again in the future. We’re working on adding new games to the shop as we speak. :slight_smile:

Okay, well then I really hope it stays in stock long enough. I thought I had plenty of time as it was stuck at 1% claimed until yesterday. But I’m excited to see what new games are added! Thanks for clearing that up!