Why do shop items appear at a different time from coin reset/daily changeover?

The 250 coin game was ??? when I got my coins and checked the daily deal… I check back later and it has already changed over AND sold out. Why don’t all 3 things happen at the same time? It’s really… dumb.

Well, since everyone and their dog has 250 coins to spare, i’m guessing it was a matter of minutes until it was all sold out…

The only option you had to take that game would be to sit at your pc, frantically pressing F5…

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Don’t have to sit at your pc spamming f5 if the shop items come up at the same time as the coins. For me that’s noon EDT, so I check the new game on sale, I get my coins, I check the shop. Expecting people to randomly check multiple times a day is kinda dumb.

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if it is to drive people to check the site more often it certainly works for me
honestly i don’t mind it since sometimes i can’t make the deadline/refresh time (damn near missed the CAT game like i did One Finger Death Punch) since the timezone will wary across nations, perhaps they thought someone would/could be overly favoured if tying it to coin/sale refresh schedule, since others might be so busy at that exact time they wouldn’t even have spare 2min to do the check/login (which sucks on a good deal). So having it random/offset levels the playing field having all people have to equally check in at rando times and share that same chance of missing out
just a conspiracy theory, but works out for me 2+2=22 and all that

I signed up for the newsletters. That is how I knew.

Are you suggesting that Chrono buys as many keys as they can and sell them for virtually nothing, having many left over, seeming as getting coins gives then 0 monetary gain, just so that they can keep everything in a specific time slot?

Yeah, the current system is really dumb. Cheap games selling out, their fault.