Who wants a FREE copy of Absolver?

I already own it, but received another key. Come get it :key: :key::key:


I’ve reached the maximum number of replies that new users can make today. The :key: was sent to @Vindace. I hope you enjoy the game!


I do :smiley:

edit: actually, no, very slight chance I’ll ever play it, so I’ll leave it to someone who actually will


I’m actually new to the boards here on Chrono.gg. Can I PM you the key somehow? Or should I post it here?


when u click on someone’s name it gives u the option to message them, but like i said (in edit), give it to someone who will actually play it

I’m busy with Sekiro atm (when i actually have time and energy for that, rofl) and otherwise I’d play dirt rally 2.0 atm, and still need to finish Shadow Tactics and then start Mutant Year Zero and Dark Souls 2 and Bioshock 1 + 2 and finish Borderlands 2 and then play the pre-sequel and … and … and …


@Fraggles isnt this like up your alley?


You and me both… endless list of games I gotta play. Thanks for keeping the key available to someone that’s eager to play it sooner than later :smile:


He’s too new to have PM privileges.
It might be, but I’m also going to be buying the bundle it’s currently in.


I have to leave the house to run an errand, but I will be back within 2 hours. If someone claims by the time I return, I will send key when I get home. :hourglass:


Sadly never gonna play it because the servers are too poor in South America.

Head’s up to any fellow Latinos wanting to grab this one.

Hopefully someone gets it and enjoys it! Thanks for the GA @ohko and I hope you stick around to join in some GAs yourself. :blush:


We hope to get a new computer for running higher processor stuff next month - hope that works out. Until then, I couldn’t run anything like this, but it looks really cool! The environment and colours are pretty to me, the bosses too.

Gonna ping Youtube to see if anyone has a gameplay vid.


Thanks for the giveaway. Stay around we give away keys too :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Unless I missed it I’d love to try it! I’ve been wanting it for a while now.


I think everyone’s been saying thanks, but not claimed it yet. :slight_smile:

@ohko, thanks for doing an awesome giveaway. Hope to see you around!


Been playing some this afternoon. been getting my butt kicked, but having lots of fun!


It was free with PSplus sometime ago so i’ve gave it a go and… didint hook me. I mean i saw a good game there but not for me i guess.


Yay! Keep us updated on how you’re liking it please?


Sure! I might gather my thoughts and either do a little game diary or a review. I’m already a few areas in but I have no idea on the total size and scale of the game.


squeal Keep busy with it! Wish I could. I want that game even more than Devil May Cry 5 and that’s saying something! bounces for Sekiro play joy Happy happy.

PS: Just noticed this thread btw. Actually have a key for Absolver, but my lil machina can’t run it. I like the open world and how the masks make people look faceless. I make dolls with no faces if I’m not pattern testing - it’s my preference.


I haven’t, to be honest. I rly love the game and it’s insanely good and captivating. I love everything about it and it’s the follow-up on Tenchu I’d always been waiting for. The problem is just that it is quite hard, and though i was actually quite happily surprised about the fact that i was able to overcome bosses apparently with more ease than some streamers (not necessarily the best players), i did in the end stop playing because it’s rly not that good of a game to relax on when yr already tired from work and have very little time to do so (relatively speaking). So I’ve been playing Ass Creed Origins and loving it and cant wait to play Odyssey later on, and those are just great to chillax, especially when played laid back with auto aim on with the controller, lol, (i rly had to overcome my own disgust to even do so in the beginning, but once i did make that switch i immediately started to enjoy the game even more cuz it’s so ez and laid back now).

But then @xist got me back in Apex and now im stuck there (havent played on Steam in 10 days) and it rly is not the best game to relax either, rofl, as it’s competitive element is infuriating and i end up wanting to play more and more and dont even have time to do that and it’s also just quite stressful when u get owned over and over cuz ppl who stuck with it are just so much better, lol

k, back to work, not even time to play Apex these last days either, maybe in the weekend or if things calm down…


Well, even so, getting zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s most important. Wish you a less stressful work day. :sunny:


no time to get much zzzzz’s either at the moment, worked all the way from yesterday through the night till 9am and then slept till 3pm (which isn’t bad at all, actually, but not ideal, lol) and got right back in it