Who is your favorite video game character and why?

I was going to break this down to protagonist / antagonist but what’s the fun in that!

EDIT: Don’t worry about putting too much thought into it either. I mean you could literally be like “I really like X char because at the end of the game he’s just so OP”. I just like asking these questions to get to know everyone through a gaming sense or introducing a character from a game I might’ve glossed over. Have fun!

I had a very hard time narrowing this down for myself. There are so many iconic characters throughout gaming history. So knee jerk reaction: Arthas Menethil .

His story is pretty compelling like most of the Warcraft lore. I actually read the novel Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden. I really enjoy the character he was before his infamous transformation. His greatest love, Jaina, was only rivaled by the love he had for his people. The same people he ultimately sacrificed everything for to save. Sadly in end, he couldn’t save anyone, not even his own soul. TRAGIC.


For me this is hard because i don’t play many story based games but for right now i think my favorite character is Lee Everett from The Walking Dead (telltale game first season) he is a strong, wise & loving, during the apocalypse he takes care of a lost girl named Clementine who lost her babysitter to the zombies & later on in the game we find out she lost her parents but during the game Lee has to take care of Clementine as if she was his daughter teach her life lessons & teaching her on how to stay strong in certain situations and how to take care of things. So Lee Everett is my pick since he is like one of the best of the best father figures in video games from what i know.


uhf… another of demz “favourite” thingymabobs… how is a poor gnome to choose :thinking:; hint: i couldn’t possibly choose any :shushing_face:

the tale of arthas’ rise and doubly fall is indeed a good one

oh sht… don’t make me tear up now… :cry:, no, -no, i’m not crying, you’re crying :sob:
-alright “bucket of ice cream”-time, maybe the notebook can cheer me up after this… :cry:

Spoilers for Blood Omen and Soul Reaver.

Kind of a weird one bc I haven’t finished Soul Reaver yet (Lost my saves) so I’ve started Blood Omen.

I love Soul Reaver, the saves thing It’s a bummer but I can get there in half the time, and I’m starting Blood Omen even tho I know how It ends so don’t spoil It pls.

Definetly not a good guy, but when Raziel goes like “I would’ve done the right thing” I was soooo mad, how dare you, even If you’d do it (I personally think I wouldn’t after all the bullshit he goes trough, specially Ariel’s, more on that later) how freaking dare you.

I support your actions: You got killed, that’s annoying, you get revenge, fine.
But don’t try to get on the moral high horse bc you’re far from perfect and I’ts a tough decision.

And I’m mad at Ariel too… you lieeeed even If you foreshadow It, yo lied to my face and there’s no excuse for that. Also I don’t think you care for balance neither, I feel you just want to rest, wich is a valid point, I’m not judging, sucks to be you, I get why you do/did stuff.

But you’re as selfish as everybody else and when you talk shit like that being It yourself that’s called an hypocrite. (Again, not your actions, just having a go at you talking shait)

Kain is a far shittier person, no doubt, but aagh they got me closer to him.


Special Bonus round: Allen :see_no_evil: I started playing Culdcept Revolt and I’m sooo hooked, like I don’t get how Monopoly The Gathering is so addictive.

Anyway I like how he talks about feeling stuck bc It happens to me. I was kind of judgy bc he keeps ignoring the good guys/girls and I would’ve stayed, quite chill actually (Surrounded by friends an all).

But It was just bc It wasn’t that big of a deal for me (He has amnesia) and there’s nothing you can do that grants results so… why not just stay? I totally get him now (He just shared that)

I’ll get stuck with a tiny thing while working sometimes and I just need to understand It before moving on so… I’ll go easy on him from now on ^^


I haven’t fully played though Revolt but I really am loving it more than Saga. I do like how they set up the story too.


I didn’t spoil that conversation for you rigth? aagh I hope not, you being the Culdcept girl and all I assumed you’d played It and it’s just a couple of battlles in… Sorry If I did really, I hate spoilers so much :confused:


My favorite video game character is a former crew member from FTL. I believe his name was “Caldwell.”


I don’t know much about him. His life was somewhat of a mystery and our time together was short (he died during a Mantis invasion in the 6th sector). But, goddamn, he was the best engines operator I’ve ever known.

R.I.P. Caldwell.


Scorpion is my idole
I was 4 when i first saw him, dad had mk4 back then installed on the pc… i never knew what’s going on but… his costume colors were cool
After growing up a bit, Scorpion inspired me to start practicing martial arts, i played Taekwondo for 12 years, later on reached professional MMA and Muay Thai ( tho scorpion plays Hapkido: in my to do list next to Sistema )
But what inspires me the most was his story ( i TOTALLY recommend you checking MK X Comics ), i, i have ADHD, and it’s a daily struggle for a grown up… Scorpion inspires me to try my best to control myself ( i still fail… but i have BIG hopes )
That’s my story, That’s The reason behind my love to my fantasy hero Scorpion ( a 20 year old man’s word , but my imagination has no limit )


Kefka Palazzo - Final Fantasy VI.

If you have not played Final Fantasy VI for whatever reason then, well you’ve missed out on one of the best games that exists and I strongly recommend you try it out. Since I believe so strongly in the magic of experiencing media yourself without 2nd hand exposure I’m going to spoiler warn for a 24 year old game.

Play Final Fantasy 6, damnit!

Part of what makes Kefka such an amazing character is also part of what makes FF6 such an amazing game. He shows up in the sidelines at first and when you get to have a direct confrontation with him he’s played off as kind of a wacky comedic relief character, he’s kind of funny and weird. But there’s something sinister to him as well. Something about how eager, desperate the soldiers under his command are to please his every whim. Polishing his shoes for him without a moments hesitation and the way he makes demands and clearly expects them to be followed.

As the game progresses he shows up every now and then so he’s not just this nefarious big bad end boss you’ve only ever heard about from NPCs or text screens. That role is held by Emperor Gestahl, the main fellow of this evil empire conquering and enslaving the world. So you’d naturally expect him to be the big final boss.

You keep running into this madman, Kefka, though. Every time you hear that mad laugh, I bet any of you who’ve played the game can hear it in your head, you know some awful shit is about to go down. Kefka isn’t the kind of villain who just fights the player now and then or have some sort of sympathetic twist or that he’s just trying to do the right thing for an understandable though misguided reason. No Kefka is evil, unapologetically evil, he revels in destruction, torture, misery and eagerly commits war crimes that even his own soldiers bawk at. Your understanding of this however is built slowly over the course of the game, so you come to hate him ever more for every appearance. He is the first character that I ever really felt a real personal grudge against.

So we come to the end of the game. The evil empire has uncovered a source of magic power so great that they could destroy the world with it. Your band of resistance fighters are set up to fight them for it, you race off to stop this tragedy from happening. You almost get there in time… almost. You witness Kefka literally stab Gestahl in the back and take his place to receive the blessing of the gods of magic and then…
the world…

Kefka rises to godhod, rends the world asunder and here starts the 2nd part of the game.This was such an amazing thing to me when I first played this game, it was the first time I had experienced a game where you lost your quest so decisively.

Other than just his brilliant characterisation and how the whole game is written the music associated with him is just amazing and that horrible, iconic laugh. Everything comes together to create this just amazing character.

I hated him and I love him for it.


That’s the stuff. You turned this funny frog into my spiritual animal for the evening (0:11 lol):




Meis Triumph, the most laid back and lazy mc i have ever played with, not to mention he’s a womanizer too haha
for the me the aspect that makes this game is so memorable since it got an awesome op sung by my fav artist, and the first time i played rpg+galge like combination which sadly it was a very rare genre or poorly implemented nowaday, since even most of galge like games makes u feel like u’re the one who’s interacting with the girl not the mc


I don’t think I have a favorite favorite video game character, but I’m really fond of Mae from Night In The Woods, from the moment I first saw her.

Here’s a funny something:

Also this:

I’m not sure how much I love the game itself, but Mae is very precious to me.


No you didn’t I was well aware of the story because of the translations from Japan. I’ve just been so busy that my 3ds is the last thing I think to play. I still need to finish my Phoenix Wright Games! haha


My fav character is Flemeth. Then I saw this drawing…LOL…My heart be still!

And this…A duo fav…lol…just not in a game.

Check out her work on the right hand side…she is quite the artist.


Scorpion is mine as well. He is such a tragic character.

I also like Bowser, though. He’s a classic, and his design is perfect. I miss the days when he threw hammers!


Sephiroth is one of my faves (out of many) just because he’s so gosh darn cool. I picked his Kingdom Hearts version because Sora is also one of my favorite characters of all time, along with Riku as well.


I have many characters that I would consider favorites but right now if I just pick one I’d have to choose Geralt from the witcher series. Between the books and the games he is a really developed character. I really enjoy his backstory and how rich with lore that world is.


Geralt of rivia!
The Witcher.
now do i even need to say why?


That was my thoughts exactly lol. Glad to see I’m not the only one.