When was the last time you bought something from the coin shop? (and what was it)

thank you for doing the lords work


I have “bought” (they are actually free) about 15 or more. I am not hoarding them. I am almost 65; life is too short.:heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck: You can’t take them with you…:exploding_head: I don’t even have 4k at the minute.


Mine was 2 months ago and i got Super Inefficient Golf. I now have just over 20k coins.


Hotline Miami, 5 months ago. So far it’s my only Chrono coins purchase… That’s weird; I was sure there was something else from the coin shop that caught my attention. Maybe didn’t have the coins when it was available.

19k coins now.


Oh I def. planning on it… but right now I’m surrounded by yarn, thread and dolls… and body parts, of unfinished dolls that is… O_O Once I get a bit less crowded, there’s lots of gaming I plan to do. :slight_smile:

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