When is the new game drop cycle? Why doesn't the site specify?

I see the notice that says that new games are loaded every 20,000 minutes… shouldn’t this have a date? Or at least be a dynamic countdown? I check the store every day and am dissapointed every day when there is nothing new. Today there seems to be 1 new game that is half claimed already and I don’t know if it’s the “new drop”.

So, does anyone know what the schedule is? And can we get a live ticker or at least a date or indication of when to expect new games?

There were 2 new games dropped last night from EU perspective. First one got fully claimed before I got out of bed. Now since you’re aware of these new games it shouldn’t be awfully hard for you to figure out when the next time is.

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Sign up for their newsletters here. You get a daily plus any other news…like game drops.


I was referring to the store. I am signed up for the newsletter and currently have a 70 day streak. Haven’t missed a day yet.

I got an email yesterday telling me about the games being dropped. I don’t recall signing up for two newsletters…I thought it was all inclusive. May have to wait until TPTB come on to clear that up.

Not being snarky or anything…Did you check your spam folder?

There’s just one newsletter, we send out an email when new games drop in the shop.

We’re aware that the current shop cycle isn’t ideal in terms of letting people know when new games are going to appear, it’s something we’re working on. The reason we don’t specify an exact time/date or give a countdown timer is to allow us a bit of flexibility in when we release games.