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What's your opinion on review bombing?


Yes, I see no problem with that. As long as that is their stated reason. We’ve seen plenty of games “journalists” give developers a real hard time because they don’t agree with their political ideas over the years, which they’re allowed to do and I’m making the choice not to listen to them.

For the vast majority of people forced into it.


yet u think Steam should take their reviews into account for Steam’s review system and not have a choice in the matter…

now im just gonna focus on my deadline guys


Metacritic does.


Valve already stopped this. The more helpful votes you make, the less it matters. It’s trivial at first, then as you keep going you eventually reach negligible levels.

That’s also why the number of downvotes no longer shows up.


Ah, i see. I wonder what the counter-action will be. Thank you for letting me know.


We shall see. In the words of Jeff Goldblum:

Life, uh, finds a way.


“Alaskan Polar Bear Heaters!”


Unsurprising I just read that the Borderlands boss is happy about the move concerning their reviews. Yes, now they get to be on a platform where people can’t voice their complaints (or anything) and potential buyers can’t make informed opinions off of other buyers.

And yet making reviews about your shitty games or business practices is the misuse, not moving to a platform that disallows user reviews after a large money bag was thrown at you. These people are so god damn pathetic when it comes to the money they want to earn. :joy:

“Ironically, that this misuse is possible and that Steam has no interest in correcting this misuse makes me kind of happy about 2K’s decision and makes me want to reconsider Gearbox Publishing’s current posture on the platform,” he said on Twitter.

What the review bombers need to do now is find a new way to review these games and developers and make their games and decisions suffer for it, since Steam is silencing them and the new platform has no way to voice yourself. I’m confident they will do it. Reddit will play a part, I’m sure of it.


So… i’m pretty sure these “reviews” count as off-topic. Let’s see if Valve takes action on this positive review bomb or if they’re a bunch of hypocrits.

I have nothing against Notre Dame, i just don’t approve of unfair treatment.


Positive review bombs…interesting idea…

If I was a manipulative developer, I would tell my customers something like, "If my previous game Super Power Game X gets a 80% or more positive review score, then I will offer this game, Super Deluxe Powerfully X Game, free (for 7 days) to all players with that game in their library.

Basically bribe with a free game to increase another game’s review score.

Oh that would be so sneaky. I can only imagine that publishers haven’t realized this yet since I can’t think of anything stopping it.


Don’t give them ideas.


Because that would trigger a negative review bomb? Gamers are a contrary lot…


It’s actually something that does happen, especially around shadier f2p games. But it mostly happens on the game’s own forum away from steam because It’s something that is explicitly against steam’s rules. Review solicitation is something you can get your game removed from steam for and not a few games have been.


The reviews would also go higher now that bugs are fixed and it isn’t stuck living up to Black Flag. I think this one’s fine.

You could make this argument for most games, like how Homefront: The Revolution has regularly gotten positive reviews after sales on Humble. It comes from people checking the game out after patches.


Except of course that none of the new owners of the game has gotten it on steam this time around. You could also just look at the reviews to see this.

Plenty of “reviews” like this. I think @kovec’s point is sound, if steam removes negative reviews for being “off topic” they should most definitely remove these as well.

Also not seeing any “anomalous reviews detected” warning on the graphs

This looks really rather anomalous to me.





Exactly why altering or hiding or even removing review bombing just because you don’t like what’s being said is bad, because you never know when it is going to be a good review bomb.

No, see, gamers would just leave tons of negative reviews because that’s a terrible thing to do. Just look at Meeple Station…


That second review is fair, though. The game has Notre Dame cathedral as a fully mapped out location, inside and outside. You get to see the entire structure, spire and all.

That’s still on-topic.


It’s been nearly a week so i thought i’d check up on whether Valve took action or not. Unsurprisingly they have not marked this recent “positive review bomb” as off-topic. Bunch of hypocrits, it’s only “off-topic” if it’s negative. Not misrepresenting the product at all…

Note the recent reviews vs all reviews.


I suppose that it simply reminds us that the “off-topic” review removal is a feature for companies and publishers, not us as the gaming public.

I guess we are supposed to use caveat emptor with game purchases, and if it was a positive review bomb that caused us to purchase then we can just refund it.