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What's happening with the api endpoint


It’s currently returning a game with no discount that isn’t the current daily deal, and it also has an end date for the year 2023

{"name":"Lethal League Blaze","normal_price":"19.99","discount":"0%","sale_price":"19.99","start_date":"2018-01-18T17:00:00.112Z", "end_date":"2023-01-10T17:00:00.112Z","currency":"USD"}



@Baizwy I’ve heard staff are looking into it.


I am seeing this issue as well. Would be nice to get this working again, so I don’t have to parse the website.


should be more better now, lmk


Looks to be working now. Thanks


i assume it’s the same thing but Discord is still doing it


Thank you friend, will take a look tonight