What Steam Keys do I have?

Hi guys,
so I got a bunch of Keys for Steam and I don’t know what game they are.
Does anyone know how to find out without redeeming the key on my account?
It might be a key I want to keep for someone else or friends so I can’t check by adding them to mine.
Is this even possible to check?

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No there is no way to check what they are unfortunately. Only redeeming them will tell you what they are.


Okay thanks. Could not find the answer online so figured I’d ask here since yall are nice gamers :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad tho. :sweat_smile:


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There’s this method for checking an already activated key. But I think if you do it with a fresh key it will just register it in the process, probably.


I had written this before, but it might not be what you want to use since you had not necessarily wanted to use them on your account.

Bottom line is if it’s a game already in your account, you will find out what it is, and the key will still be valid.

If it’s a game not already in your account, then it will activate there. But if you don’t want it in your account, you can delete it from there. But of course that means you cannot give the key to a friend.

But I imagine if it’s a game you don’t even want to own, you may also not want to be gifting it, since those tend to be mostly junky games.

*Note is that if the game is already installed on your computer, this might still not reveal it, just tells you that you already have the game.

Not a great solution, I know…

Wish there’s a better way.