What sort of discussions do you want to see within the Chrono community?

An other discussion thread that would be nice to have is about art, where people could share their drawings, paintings, digital art, photographs, etc. And people could ask for opinions or even ways to improve.

The World Through Your Eyes thread is kind of similar based on photos but i think this would have a wider variety of art form.

I don’t know how many of you would be interested in this or if this would be too much for one thread to handle, but i think it would be nice to see talented people sharing their work and talk about it with others! :slight_smile:


Even though I’m a terrible artist, and haven’t tooken a decent picture in like a month, It would be cool to go on and see all you talented chronies, like @inferry posting drawings and pictures.

@coralinecastell I might go ahead and make a book thread, it’s just I’m not the best at keeping threads alive and moving.


I know a few others that do the same…Like @yoshirules, @YQMaoski, @persistnt, @wearyamoeba, @EyeQue and others that i can’t think of right at the moment!

I like the book Idea. I will get to my list soon… Just had to send out some encouragement first.

Movies…most are so bad any more I just wait for them to come to TV. I would be PO’ed if I spent the money for those outrageous tickets…

Music…More into the Classic Rock or oldies…50, 60, 70’s

I forgot…Please no politics…I try to avoid it as much as I can…:exploding_head:


When you start your threads, make sure you add tags so they can be found easier. You can add them through 'Edit" after the fact too.


I remembered I wanted to reply to you! :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I do remember the monthly themes and I bet we could pull it off easily, but I don’t know how many people would participate? Plus who’s gonna host them? I’m lazy (actually just not very interested in beating the backlog anymore, but being lazy is the shorter answer) that’s why I’m not involved in BLAEO anymore.


I’d love to see a thread for Chrony game devs to post their WIPs and whine about gamedev being hard. Surely we’ve got a few here!


We‘ve got game devs in the forum??? :open_mouth:


Aww~ I know I’m suuuuuuuper late and necroing this thread, but here, have a chibi Batman for your undeserved kind comment

that I totally didn’t make way back for that chibi tread and forgot about it… also I’m back… again.

Yes, we potentially do.






What’s the first game that comes to your mind, when you have to name one that enriched or transformed your life in a positive way - and why?


Final Fantasy IX

  • It literally forced me to learn English to be able to play it.
  • It was the first serious game I played, it made me realize that there was way more to games than what I was aware of at the time.

Unfortunately Dungeons & Dragons isn’t a video game but it is the first one that comes to mind…

Also, seems we should probably just make this a thread… it does seem like something that should be discussed in more detail…

Personally I think we should have a discussion about the BEST story that was told in only a single game (basically discuss the ways that games tell stories and how to best use the limited time that a single game affords, I would be personally interested in peoples opinions on how the elements in successful stories are different in different genera’s formats or even between single games or overarching series)


I think that’s what he was implying, I just… goofed out


it actually is, lol

I’d have to go with The Last of Us; it might not be the best story ever told in a game, but it is definitely one of the best story-driven games, along with the Uncharted games and the last God of War


I can’t put it into words, so:


The best way to play it sure as heck isn’t a videogame, if you love the official setting and the rules, but don’t like the ability to tell your own story, use home rules or just hate your friends…

I mean every D&D player who plays with pencil and paper (or pen and paper for the heretics) has some awesome stories of the game and what happened in it… Plus you develop some cool skills. I haven’t met a person who plays D&D online with that sort of experience.

I really liked games with the mechanics to tell a unique story based on player experience… Obviously I am a HUGE Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor/War fan.

But I also like games that don’t have a story other than the players experience in the game:

I always thought these sorts of marriage of mechanics and story were incredibly clever and made the whole experience so much better.

Obviously, the elephant in the room when you talk about clever narrative is undertale though… Which is on sale right now interestingly enough!


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