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What sort of discussions do you want to see within the Chrono community?


I’m open for anything, really. It’s not so much the topics, but the people you talk with. I feel like with this community you could talk about god and the world (german saying) and I wouldn’t mind. In other forums with people I don’t like it’s like… I don’t care about anything they have to say so I don’t bother joining any discussion. Be it in sync with what the forum’s about or not.

But also…


I want to see more people discussing literature, perhaps even create a thread all about literature. At this point, I’d accept a thread that was about literature and sub forums of it like manga and comics so long as it got the ball rolling. :laughing:

Also, it would be interesting to see more technology related posts come up. Anything about it though, not just hardware, but software too, such as coding and whatnot.

I have seen the discussions bring grief mostly because there’s always that one person who has to ruin it for everyone, so I understand why you say this. The problem with restricting the site like this though is that it restricts what can be posted and the much desired traffic, and if people don’t know what to say that isn’t about games/gaming or tech (which already receives very little traffic), they aren’t going to be posting on the forum much at all.

It’s just a shame people want to avoid the discussion because of how nasty it gets because how some people have to act. :sweat:


It’s not that somebody just feels like ruining it though-- it’s that somebody gets ANGRY about it. This will always be the case. It doesn’t matter which side people are on. One person will go too far in one direction, somebody else on the other side expresses this in a rather blunt way, and everything goes wrong from there.

Nobody said anything about a ban on the topic altogether, but “tread lightly” is great for any forum as an unspoken rule.


Oh, I know they don’t ruin it just to ruin it (though I’m sure some people exist who probably do). I just meant they ruin it in by acting out in earnest or in the “heat of the moment”, whether it is reacting emotionally, getting angry, insulting the other person, belittling them, et cetera, et cetera.

And so it’s a shame because if people could get through the topic better, maybe things would be better and I know for a fact misunderstandings wouldn’t be as bad as it is now.

Well I hadn’t taken the comment like that, I just meant that if they see what the forum populace generally accepts and doesn’t accept—and perhaps the overall view—they’ll be hesitant to post anything but game related content, which is already a very low traffic topic, leading them to post less and less because they feel like they can’t talk about what they really want to talk about, for whatever reasons that may be.


I would love to see more discussions around games and their strategies (especially ones like Dark Souls, where people can go at it in entirely different ways and succeed). I would like to be a more active poster as well like I used to be, but with a second child on the way and still being full time enrolled in studies, I just don’t have the time.


OK I’m just gonna dodge that ‘politics’ bullet if y’all don’t mind.

Now, about what I’d like to see discussed more:

As lightly commented on another threat by @Shalandir and suggested by OP, I’d really like some healthy competition about coins and things like that, like a meta game in the community – similar to what the old, senior, crippling regulars did with the streak deal.

Of course competition always has the potential to take a nasty turn, but I think we’ve done alright so far, as a community, to try it. Just my two cents. :blush:

I’d also like to see more of y’all talk about science. :comet::sunny::full_moon::star::earth_africa:

I also absolutely agree with:
  1. ‘Book club for games or something [sic]’, as suggested by @Fraggles. Along the lines of what he suggested, I also think it would be important to add two event times for any given game whenever possible, to increase the chances of everyone joining.

Along those lines, I wish Steam would have a feature to group friends and check which games they all have in common, to find out the most popular games among us Chronies and more easily make that ‘book club’ selection.

If the idea gains traction, and she agrees to it, I think @delenn13 would be a great source of info on which games we have in common, since she’s always ‘in the know’ about people’s wishlists and so on – or so it seems to me. :blush:

  1. Literature, as suggested by @Rhyagelle. I gotta be honest with you, @xist, that thread you made compiling music, movies AND books just ain’t doing it for me. It’s too messy. Anyone else feel like we should break it down? I mean not everyone here listens to music, watches movies or reads, which is more than alright. I think we could all benefit from a teensy tinesy bit of streamlining, as seen, for example, in the Newly Released Music Thread, by @TR3NT.

I don’t think there’s any harm in 'theme threads 'eventually boiling down to the same group of people – e.g.: music – as long as we have enough of these to keep everyone talking, somewhere. Not every thread is for everyone – thank goodness – and I don’t think that should be reason to discourage folk from created a niche thread. In fact, I think we don’t have enough of those.

Bonus Trivia:

@DownwardConcept, bro, “God and the world” (‘Deus e o mundo’) also exists in Portuguese! Lovely to know that. Although we generally use it like: “God and the world know that @Enki has the dankest memes.” :butterfly:

PS: Sorry about all the mentions and wordy words, I may have done a :poop: job at trying to keep my thoughts organized.


Forgot to say that. @Fraggles’ idea of a monthly game club would be great! It would bring some decent discussion, and could be fun to get together if it has some multiplayer aspects to it as well.


I agree, I don’t listen to music or watch movies very often, but I am a massive book fan and always have to have something to read.
It would be great to have some kind of book club/thread, I feel that I would actually go on that for some book opinions and conversations.


Well, @Nateninja21 I say go right ahead and create that thread if you wanna! :blush:

FYI I’m heading to bed and will be back tomorrow late-ish, so if you don’t feel like starting it by yourself, maybe you can PM me to discuss a few ideas?

I feel like @Rhyagelle and @xist could also help get this book club deal officially started, if they want to and have the time to, naturally.

BTW I’m a huge procrastinator – except when I’m in work mode – and perfectionist, hence why I’m not just up and doing this myself.

Also totally just remembered this:

@DownwardConcept remember that monthly theme deal we had (have?) on BLAEO? Think we could pull off something similar here on Chrono? :smile:


An other discussion thread that would be nice to have is about art, where people could share their drawings, paintings, digital art, photographs, etc. And people could ask for opinions or even ways to improve.

The World Through Your Eyes thread is kind of similar based on photos but i think this would have a wider variety of art form.

I don’t know how many of you would be interested in this or if this would be too much for one thread to handle, but i think it would be nice to see talented people sharing their work and talk about it with others! :slight_smile:


Even though I’m a terrible artist, and haven’t tooken a decent picture in like a month, It would be cool to go on and see all you talented chronies, like @inferry posting drawings and pictures.

@coralinecastell I might go ahead and make a book thread, it’s just I’m not the best at keeping threads alive and moving.


I know a few others that do the same…Like @yoshirules, @YQMaoski, @persistnt, @wearyamoeba, @EyeQue and others that i can’t think of right at the moment!

I like the book Idea. I will get to my list soon… Just had to send out some encouragement first.

Movies…most are so bad any more I just wait for them to come to TV. I would be PO’ed if I spent the money for those outrageous tickets…

Music…More into the Classic Rock or oldies…50, 60, 70’s

I forgot…Please no politics…I try to avoid it as much as I can…:exploding_head:



When you start your threads, make sure you add tags so they can be found easier. You can add them through 'Edit" after the fact too.


I remembered I wanted to reply to you! :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I do remember the monthly themes and I bet we could pull it off easily, but I don’t know how many people would participate? Plus who’s gonna host them? I’m lazy (actually just not very interested in beating the backlog anymore, but being lazy is the shorter answer) that’s why I’m not involved in BLAEO anymore.


I’d love to see a thread for Chrony game devs to post their WIPs and whine about gamedev being hard. Surely we’ve got a few here!


We‘ve got game devs in the forum??? :open_mouth:


Aww~ I know I’m suuuuuuuper late and necroing this thread, but here, have a chibi Batman for your undeserved kind comment

that I totally didn’t make way back for that chibi tread and forgot about it… also I’m back… again.

Yes, we potentially do.