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What should I play?



I have been finishing a lot of the games I have and i dont know what to play next. I have a somewhat big backlog and i want to play a game that I already own. any suggestions?


You have 0.5 hours on bastion, its a great game, time to finish it up!

Maybe its not your taste specifically but you have Dungeon of the endless with 0.4 hours on it, I have 58 hours on it and again, maybe its not your type of game but if it is try to beat it with all the ships, it gets really complicated with the team compositions after a while plus the luck of the draw with the elevators.

If you want to relax or simply listen to a podcast play Glass Masquerade, easy puzzle that can %100 be played muted, I have %100 on it already, again, great to relax and play while listening to a podcast or music works too.

You have portal but 0 hours on it? Really? you never played portal? You should >.<

Sanctum 2, similar to Dungeon of the endless but first person, I actually love it.

Again, its a matter of taste I guess, I love tower defence, strategy games and whatnot so maybe I tend to recommend those.

One thing is for sure, you have a loooooot of games to go through, god forbid someone told you to go for %100 achievement on all those games. DO IT!


How long time did this take you? And I also have a somewhat big backlog


You have a little time in battle chef brigade and a hat in time, both are great in my opinion, maybe finish those?


how long did what take me?


I was going to finish battle chef brigade but my save got wiped so that would be a good one, and hat in time is a good one as well.




i played portal 2 does that help my case?


That will do.


thanks for the suggestions, how long is Glass Masquerade?


Not playing portal is fine, owning the game and not having played it yes, its bad, specially if he owns portal 2 and played 5 hours or something if I remember correctly.
Again, apples and oranges, maybe he despices portal 2 and only played it becasue someone dragged him into co op, who knows, I cant recommend the perfect game from the list becasue I dont know what he likes to play.


4 to 5 hours depending on how fast you solve them, but once you solve one or two you get the gist and start to do them faster, they get more complicated with smaller parts on the higher levels but nothing crazy.


4-5 hours, so a good 20 hours for me. as someone who likes to listen to podcasts while playing video games i will try it out



How does it feel to have a dead meme shoved in your face?! Huh? HUH?!

Jokes aside. What‘s your favorite genre, how much time do you want to invest and what are you in the mood for?


BTW new Garfield game just came out on mobile


Ideal for that, easy game to mute and listen to something else and just move shapes around without having to read much to break the podcast concentration.


You are a a brilliant man Garfledk kart is the best and only game.

any way I like shooters and rouge likes but I will try anything


but when will it be added to fortnite?


How about finishing Inmortal Redneck? It has the best of both worlds!

Otherwise I would second Portal, just because it‘s one of these games you just have to play as a gamer.
And if I was you I‘d give Minit a shot. Shouldn‘t be too long either, I think.


ok thanks