What if we manage to deplete the whole coinshop of games?

Only 2 left, Star Vikings and Insurgency, both already halfway sold out. Will you guys at Chrono.gg add new games earlier or do you have some backup in case that happens? I don’t want those games, but I might be willing to spend if that gives us new ones to pick from :yum:


can’t say if they changed plans,
but wouldn’t be the first time the shop goes empty, nor can i really see why it should have much “emergency”/immediate impact from their side as it’s laid out, since they have the “fortnight schedule” already, -and have been sticking to it consistently

(that said i do believe it just happens to be “restocking day” today, so should at least, even if just temporary, get more in the shop later soon anyways)



not saying there would be great impact, but imagine you find this page today for the first time and the coin shop is completely empty, would you wanna sign up if the first impression is already a disappointment?

did not know that


Games were regularly selling out every time during the first couple of months. It didn’t prevent anyone from signing up then from what I can tell. It’s also not a case of the store page being just blank and empty, you can always see the games that once were stocked. That should give any newcomers an idea of what to expect.


well suppose depends on the mindset of the person and their comprehension of the Coin Shop info, as it does lay out previous games and a giant sign saying

“New games every 2 weeks!”
“Games sold out? Not seeing anything you want? Don’t worry, we put new games on the shop every 20,160 minutes, so check back soon!”

adding a little basic two and two together, i might arrive at the conclusion the limited availability was currently out of stock, and that i should expect more to come “later”, as they claim to put new games every 2 weeks,
-which might be an opportune timeframe to then grab some coins to be able to “pay” for whatever new games arrive, as i probably didn’t expect them to just hand the coins/game day 1 of signing up
then again, that’s just my thinking, but as well all know i also suck at mafs, so maybe my “two and two together” somehow ended up being 22 in my head :smile:

i would put it a more fair “concern”, if like back when a point was raised that it could be potentially discouraging to only see the “Soupe de merde” -but also even then still able to see the other prior stellar offerings to alleviate newcomers


I tried to improve your image but got bored and frustrated because of my lacking Paint skills. Here’s what i came up with. Enjoy c:


That‘s why you can see the games that are sold out, so you see what you missed out on and potentially start saving up so you don‘t miss out in the future.