what if i'd buy Chrono Coins, say, with PayPal?

and what you think of this.

would be nice if you share also your conversion ratio… 5 USD for 10.000?
it also can be a way to support the only shop you’ve seen where all items are free (you can find the word shop in the url of its coins shop, and find this awesome)

No, that defeats the whole point of the coins.

Though if Chrono put $2 for one hundred coins I wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone did it without really thinking about the value.


Why would you buy coins for mystery games that you may not like instead of…just buying the games you want in the first place???

Edit - sorry, didn’t mean to reply to you nebula, although it seems that’s what’s happened.

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don’t know if defeats the whole, i see it more like a change

that’s a good question :stuck_out_tongue: …but maybe you need those 3000 coins to buy a game

The coins are a reward to get people to check the site everyday, making them come back each day and see the deal.

If you could just buy coins you wouldn’t need to check the site each day to build up your fund.

What @xist is saying is why bother buying coins to buy a game when you could just buy the game from Steam or any of the seller sites out there, not to mention Chrono itself, a number of the games in the shop have been daily deals or by developers who have had daily deals.

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maybe i used the wrong words… :smiley:

i’d buy them but just cause i know what Chrono is, and appreciating all the + i’m getting by being here. also a way to show my support to them. in the long term i may get also more games (or number of copies available) in the coin shop… these kind of things, maybe someone that just noticed Chrono will surely not buy coins…

also, losing a streak would not be a tragedy :slight_smile:

i understand this sentiment, i do, and if chrono considers it worthy i wouldn’t object to it, but from a “purpose” standpoint, not all might use it as supporting as you
the idea of the coins is awareness/attention, -getting people to know the deal
being able to buy coins, while somewhat supporting chrono, bypasses this,
as they could just log straight into coin page, buy some coins and potentially “technically” just buy certain games really really cheap, due to the good nature of whoever/whatever method chrono acquires the game and gives them for free
meaning coins “price” should be adjusted to not be able to incur a net loss

again, not a bad thing, pretty nice even, but also still circumvents the “notice our deals”-incentive

all up to chrono to decide what they think would be most rewarding to their business in the end, but i would’t be terribly upset if it did or didn’t happened, -and i don’t think you should be too ups surprised either if it turns out it doesn’t then :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks, Gnuffi. Chrono will never do this, that’s quite sure. It was more a shower thought than an idea, glad you’ve got the meaning :slight_smile:

also, even if you still can see that someone seems wanting to call the lawyers when he lose a streak, i’m not alone feeling that i’ve got so much from Chrono, in a lot of ways.

Then the question would be if developers still provide keys if Chrono potentially makes a profit off if them. I‘m assuming it‘s free as of now for both parties involved.
I‘d sell my coins for money, tho! I only ever used them once to get a game for someone else.
Curious as to when they introduce extra features that they teased once, maybe if y‘all solve the current Chrono secret it‘ll unlock them?