What happened with Paypal?

Hey, i used to buy tons of games from you guys. I wanted to buy Crashlands today but when i try to pay it tells me i need to add a credit card to pay with PayPal ? I mean i currently don’t use one so how can i possibly pay? What happened and why?

That’s strange, we’ve changed nothing on our end. I’d recommend contacting PayPal to see if they can help out. If you aren’t able to get ahold of them in time, let me know and we’ll sort something out for ya. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast answer. I figured that if it wasn’s something with your site, the problem must have been on my end. For some reason chrome didn’t display the “log in” option. Using a different browser helped. Crisis avoided, i’m back to being a happy customer :slight_smile:

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I saw this as well. It wasn’t the normal PayPal popup, it was the query one where it asks if you have a PayPal login, or if you want to use PayPal as the intermediary for a credit card. I was, however, on my mobile phone when I saw it, and did not get a screenshot. Mine was four days ago for Terroir.