What happened to the (cat)Emojis? 😕

it’s only been a couple of hours and i really miss the old regular cute kittymoji

(i’m gonna assume some sort of update/overhaul, probably with discourse, and that my entire post is utterly redundant) :wink: (i suppose this was just to let my support for the original cat be known)

I just liked that cat, :disappointed:
-2 minutes of silence for a lost kitteh :no_mouth:


From now on only pure ASCII emotes in protest! (`Д´)

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=^._.^= ∫

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:crying_cat_face: Yes, these cat emojis are a bit bland, loved the old cat emojis, but it changed on discord too(not sure when, though), so I know it’s not only this website.

Old emoji set with grey cats
Latest emoji set with orange cats

It seems that they changed to the “latest” emoji set…so very sad. I miss my grey kitteh. :sob:

Edit: Not quite the latest as those are not all one color…:pouting_cat:


Most shocking thing to happen since the like button was changed to a Chrono coin.

This, however, is truly depressing…


Sending death threats to Chrono devs rn


That’s because the Emoji movie is now canon.


RIP kitty emoji

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so much kitty love
i wonder if the discourse forums are in flames and uproar, with a PETA suit equally in tow, over this atrocious affair and decision

i know what you mean… Just doesn’t feel right to use them as they are now (they even make me feel icky, they look like this weird hybrid specimen that’s half melted)
i noticed my much favoured :ghost: had changed too, more spooky’ish regular ghosty now than deranged goofy blob like before image
even the :gift: changed and became a tiny bit less festive imo
all my most used, awww (no fair since most of the regular smiley’s got retouched in a nice way)

poor poor kittens, kittens 20xx-2017, you will be missed

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The worst part is that every cat emoji posted got automatically converted, so all my posts with kittymoji are now are meaningless and unpleasant.

P.S.: I’m also mad because there was never a Sloth emoji #GiveEmojiToEveryExistingAnimal


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All cat slaves, oops, I mean all cat owners, unite.